Why is Amanda Waller so evil?

Each convict has a bomb implanted in their head. If they disobey orders, Waller will not hesitate to kill them. Her callous mission-focused attitude and disregard for human life make her more villainous than most of the supercriminals under her control, but she is just one of the major villains in The Suicide Squad.

Is Amanda Waller a good guy?

The character first appeared in Legends #1 in 1986, and was created by John Ostrander, Len Wein, and John Byrne. Amanda Waller is an antagonist and occasional ally to the superheroes of the DC Universe, occasionally described as a supervillain.

Why is Amanda Waller so cruel?

She has no respect for human life. Saying that Amanda Waller has no respect for human life is a vast generalization and quite possibly an understatement. She's known for her dispassionate and outright cruel disregard for others, and she is utterly ruthless when it comes to a job being done.

Is Amanda Waller a Metahuman?

Indomitable will: Amanda Waller, although she has no metahuman powers, has tremendous determination and strength of will, which make her an extremely formidable opponent.

Who is Amanda Waller afraid of?

Waller feared the situation to be racially charged, related to not only her own status as a black woman, but also Bronze Tiger's own skin tone. Her relationship with the Squad itself was one of mutual dislike.

Deadshot Kills Amanda Waller

Is Amanda Waller a villain?

Amanda Blake Waller is a fictional character and an anti-villainous antagonist in the DC Comics universe. She has had various and very different incarnations throughout her history, but is almost always a hard line top-ranking U.S. Government agent involved in clandestine operations.

Is Amanda Waller a psychopath?

The conversation even implies that Waller is capable of empathy, but suppressed it so she could complete missions and eventually just grew detached from her agents over time. She's horrible, but not quite a psychopath.

Does Amanda Waller think Batman is a meta?

As seen above in Suicide Squad #22, Amanda Waller refers to occasional ally Batman as a meta-human for the first time. While her reasoning remains unknown, many have cited Scott Snyder's event Dark Days as the source of her sudden change.

Is Peacemaker a villain?

Type of Villain

Christopher Smith, better known as Peacemaker, is a major character in the DC Extended Universe, serving as the secondary antagonist of The Suicide Squad and the titular main protagonist of Peacemaker.

Why did Amanda Waller create The Suicide Squad?

While most famous for its signature brand of anti-heroism, the Suicide Squad was actually formed for political reasons because Ronald Reagan was afraid of Amanda Waller. This revelation came in the 1986 series Secret Origins.

Who is the villain in The Suicide Squad?

Starro became the main villain of The Suicide Squad thanks to Gunn's terrifying childhood memories of his comic book antics. “He's a character I love from the comics,” Gunn explained. “I think he's a perfect comic book character because he's absolutely ludicrous but also very scary in his own way.

Is Amanda Waller a villain Reddit?

To sum up, whereas Amanda Waller was once a very interesting and deep character, she now comes across as basically a villain that just happens to technically be on the side of good even though her actions prove otherwise.

Who is the main antagonist in Suicide Squad 2?

Amanda Waller is a major antagonist in the DC Extended Universe, serving as the overarching antagonist of the 2016 film Suicide Squad, its 2021 sequel The Suicide Squad, and the TV series Peacemaker. She is the leader of the A.R.G.U.S.

Who is the protagonist in The Suicide Squad?

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie)

Stepping into the role of Harley Quinn for the third time, Margot Robbie stars as the former Arkham Asylum psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel. The first Suicide Squad movie featured her first interactions with the Joker while he was her patient.

Is The Suicide Squad good guys?

The Suicide Squad is a fictional antihero team appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The first version of the Suicide Squad debuted in The Brave and the Bold #25 (September 1959) and the second and modern version, created by John Ostrander, debuted in Legends #3 (January 1987).

Did Peacemaker betray The Suicide Squad?

Peacemaker: A Betrayal Brought Down Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad. The Season 1 finale of Peacemaker included a nasty betrayal after the Butterfly War that took down Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad initiative.

Who Is peacekeepers dad?

Portrayed by. August Ransom "Auggie" Smith, also known as the White Dragon, was the bigoted and cruel father of Christopher Smith, the vigilante known as the Peacemaker. He was also the supervillain leader of a white supremacist organization known as the Aryan Empire.

Who is Peacemaker's nemesis?

1 The Legacy Of His Nazi Father

Easily the biggest Peacemaker enemy over his 50+ year history was his Post-Crisis father and unapologetic Nazi, Wolfgang Schmidt.

How is Batman a meta human?

Metahumans, often simply called Metas or Superheroes, Superhumans and Supervillains, are beings on the Earth with abilities or gadgets giving them a God-Like presence on Earth. These beings may not always have powers, like the Batman, and sometimes may even be criminals, like Graves.

Is Bruce Wayne a meta human?

Yep, Batman is now considered a metahuman by the federal government in DC proper. Now, this isn't the first time he's been categorized as such, but it is the most recent. Batman and Green Arrow were considered metahumans by the slimmest of margins under Chuck Dixon, but that has since faded until now.

Is the Joker a metahuman?

TL;DR: Joker is a metahuman with the power to change probability, but his power is subconscious and only works when the odds are way out of his favor. Consider how many times Joker has been in situations in which he should clearly be in over his head.

Is Amanda Waller in Green Lantern the same as Suicide Squad?

As the Director of Task Force X, Amanda Waller is rarely on the front lines, preferring to do most of her work in the shadows, so she stays under the radar compared to many other characters in Suicide Squad. The same goes for the actress playing her in the film, Viola Davis.

Who is the female villain in Suicide Squad?

Viola Davis' Amanda Waller might not plan to take over the world, but that's because she's too scary in The Suicide Squad for such silliness. This article contains The Suicide Squad spoilers.

Does Amanda Waller know Batman's identity?

Waller met James Gordon at some point, developing a somewhat antagonistic relationship. She also became aware of the vigilante Batman and eventually learned his true identity, Bruce Wayne, from one of her agents.

Who kills Amanda Waller?

Amanda Waller (died January 27, 2016), also known as her codename Mockingbird and her nickname The Wall, was the corrupt director of A.R.G.U.S. and the leader of Task Force X. She was killed by Shadowspire during their attack on the organization.

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