Why did Thomas and Teresa create the Maze?

The Purpose of the Maze and the other trials are to find a cure for the Flare, an infectious disease that causes madness and cannibalism (think Rage Zombies). A small percentage of the population is immune to the Flare, and the younger the more immune they are.

Why did they create the Maze in maze Runner?

The whole purpose of the Maze and their trials was to study their brain patterns. They were trying to figure out how the brain patterns of an immune differ from the brain patterns of a non-immune.

Did Teresa and Thomas make the Maze?

"I did what I thought was right." Teresa Agnes, originally named Deedee, is the first and only female Glader in Group A and creator of the Maze with Thomas. She is one of the main protagonists of the series and was named after Mother Teresa.

Who built the Maze in maze Runner?

In The Fever Code, Thomas and Teresa helped WICKED construct the Maze for Group A, working on it until it was complete before entering themselves.

Why is Thomas Blood special maze runner?

Thanks to these situations,the brain of the immunie begins to produce an enzyme in the blood. The enzyme can make the virus slower, but after Thomas was in the Scorch, the enzyme in his blood now has the ability to really CURE the virus.

Thomas and Teresa wonder why they're different [The Maze Runner]

Did wicked find a cure?

After the attack, Paige writes an email to the other WICKED members saying that although WICKED has failed in their original attempt to find a cure, they have ultimately succeeded in their goal of saving the human race by sending the surviving Immunes to a safe place where they can start to rebuild civilization.

Why did Teresa betray Thomas in Scorch Trials?

In the book, Teresa reveals that she's been working with Aris and that they had been in a romantic relationship before the maze. They then force Thomas into a gas chamber. After Thomas passes out, Teresa then reveals that she was being forced to betray Thomas by WICKED and that it was all part of their larger plan.

Why did wicked create the flare?

Teen, The Flare virus was engineered by the founder of World In Catastrophe Kill-zone Experiment Department (WICKED) in an attempt to control the human population because there was so many people dying, the founder says that the virus was supposed to wear off after a while but the virus got out of control and now only ...

Who was the greenie before Thomas?

Chuck. An awkward, chubby Glader around age 12 or 13. Chuck serves as the “Greenie” before Thomas arrives. Chuck is Thomas's first real friend in the Glade, though he becomes more like a younger brother to the older boy.

What did the creators put in the Maze?

He saw that they'd been kidnapped by the Creators as orphans and raised in special schools to prepare them. The Creators named them after famous scientists. Then, the Creators put them in the Maze, a test without a solution, to see who would survive and continue trying to solve it against all odds.

What is Thomas real name before the Maze?

Thomas's name was Stephen before WICKED took him from his mother. His subject number is A2, and his title is "to be killed by Group B". Teresa Agnes (books 1–5) is a Group A Glader and a creator of the Maze with Thomas, named after Mother Teresa.

Did Aris betray Thomas?

As part of the betrayal plan, Aris snuck up on Thomas with a drawn knife, telling him to go to a location in the mountains with Teresa. They went into a cavern, and Aris and Teresa started kissing, which was all part of the betrayal.

Is Gally immune to the flare?

While leading Thomas, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge to Lawrence's hideout, Gally tells them that he was found lying on the floor of the WCKD lab with the spear still in his chest by Lawrence's crew, who, after discovering that he is immune to the Flare, pulled the spear out of his chest and took him to the Last City ...

Is Thomas the only immune person?

The only known Gladers in Group A that are not immune are Newt, Chuck, Jackson and Winston.

What does the Maze symbolize in The Maze Runner?

The Maze is a complex symbol representing both chaos and order. Every night the walls move and shift, making it harder for the Gladers to find an exit. These constant changes along with the apparent impossibility of actually solving the Maze make most of the Gladers see the Maze as a symbol of futility and chaos.

Who was in the Maze the longest?

The boys live in a place called the Glade, a courtyard which is surrounded by an enormous labyrinth of 100-foot stone walls called the Maze. Alby, a dark-skinned boy who has been there the longest, is the leader, and his sidekick is a blond boy named Newt.

Who is the anti hero in The Maze Runner?

Judging from his name, Gally was said to be named after Galileo. He appears as the main antagonist of The Maze Runner, and an anti-hero/supporting protagonist of Maze Runner: The Death Cure. He was portrayed by Will Poulter in his first villainous role, who also interpreted David Senak in Detroit.

Who was the oldest in The Maze Runner?

When Thomas first comes to the maze, he asked Chuck to guess his age and Chuck says 16. Thomas points out that Chuck is 12. He also states that Alby, Minho, and Newt are the oldest boys in the Maze, and the only ones older than himself.

Is Thomas immune to the flare?

Fortunately for Thomas, he and most of his friends are Munies — immune to the Flare. That's why they've been put through the Maze and the Scorch trials. The disease works by eating away areas of the brain.

Is Newt immune to the flare?

Let's start with the thing that WICKED was hiding: it's the fact that Newt isn't immune to the Flare. Worse: he has the Flare. Most of the Gladers who find out that they have the Flare become sullen and emotional, but not Newt.

Is Brenda immune to the flare?

At some point after the Flare was released, Brenda lost her mother to the disease. WICKED later realized Brenda was immune and attempted to take her away from her father, who attacked them with a wooden rolling pin before being shot dead in front of his daughter.

Is Teresa a villain maze runner?

Type of Villain

She serves as the deuteragonist of The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials, and the deuteragonist/central antagonist of The Death Cure.

Did Newt and Thomas kiss?

Dylan O'Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster had a plan to randomly kiss during a scene and surprise the rest of the crew — but Dylan backed out last minute.

How Does Teresa know Thomas in The Maze Runner?

In the book, it explains that right before she wakes up from her coma she remembers stuff and telepathically (through Thomas's mind) says to him everything she remembers, her name, Thomas´s name, and more.

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