Why did Logan play Boar on the floor?

"Boar on the Floor"
The episode's most widely noted sequence depicts "Boar on the Floor," a sadistic game Logan plays to root out the source of a leak in his company.

What was the purpose of Boar on the floor?

The rules of the game are simple: you pick your emotionally weakest dinner guests, and force them to them crawl around on the ground making pig noises while you throw sausages at them and chant: “Boar on the floor”. It's both a power move and a Guantanamo-level act of total humiliation.

Where did Boar on the floor come from?

The most recent episode of HBO's Succession, “Hunting,” will be most remembered for one phrase: “boar on the floor.” That's the catchy name of the “game” that the Waystar Royco mogul Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox) inflicts on his potentially traitorous underlings, forcing some of them to oink like piggies and scuffle ...

What did Logan mean at the end of Episode 2?

Based on how Logan just treated Gerri, he's made it entirely clear that he views her as disposable, someone to be cast aside when the political climate is better. Logan tries to reassure Shiv that her position won't be ceremonial and that she'll avoid being tainted by scandal.

Does Logan have dementia?

When Logan, the patriarch of the family-run Waystar Royco media empire, contracts a urinary tract infection, it causes a dementia flare-up so severe that he confuses his daughter for his wife and his son-in-law, Tom Wambsgans, for someone he likes.

Succession: Boar On The Floor (Season 2 Episode 3 Clip) | HBO

Are Roman and Shiv twins?

Roman — Third Child, Mid-30s

Roman seems closer in age to his younger sister Shiv than his older brother Kendall.

Why is Logan Roy's back scratched?

We know that he and his brother, Ewan, grew up in the care of their uncle, Noah. Logan still blames himself for the death of their sister, Rose—and whatever happened to him and Ewan afterward, it seared a lot of angry, red scars into his back.

Why is Marsha mad at Logan?

Marcia is upset with Logan and leaves after he announces Rhea as his successor.

Did Marcia leave Logan?

Marcia wasn't seen leaving the plane with Logan, as he reunited for his obedient children for the waiting press, but we can only assume she's back in the family fold, her position stronger than ever.

Why did Marcia leave Logan in Succession?

When we last saw her toward the end of Season 2, Marcia had seemingly ended her marriage with Logan because she found out not that he may or may not have been having an affair with Rhea Jarrell, but that he coordinated a plan to pass off the CEO reins to Rhea without Marcia's knowledge.

Is Boar on the floor real?

In the episode, the Roys go on a hunting trip in Hungary, but conflict erupts over Logan's controversial plan to acquire a rival news corporation. The episode became notable for "Boar on the Floor," a fictional game that is depicted during the climax.

Did Logan Roy smile at the end?

Season two ended with Logan and the rest of the Roys watching Kendall's press conference. As Kendall betrays him, Logan watches the scene unfold, wearing a slight smile that just, almost, looks a little like pride.

Do Roman and Gerri get together?

Gerri, who's known to be upfront and career-driven, does not have a love interest in the show, though it seems her and Roman could get together at some point. When asked about their relationship in an Oct. 14 interview with W magazine, Smith-Cameron said it's highly unlikely that Roman and Gerri will ever be an item.

Does Shiv marry Tom?

Succession season 3 sees more losers than winners, but perhaps the greatest surprise by its finale is that Tom seems to have joined the winning side. Tom has been power-hungry since season 1, with his very marriage to Shiv being (at least partially) motivated by this.

How much is a gallon of milk succession?

For the record: A gallon of milk costs about $3.50. Anyone can decant a bottle wine.

What does Karl do succession?

Karl Muller is Waystar Royco's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and member of the company's legal team.

Who did Logan cheat on Marcia with?

However, Marcia is an emotionally intelligent woman with loving tendencies. The love she has (or perhaps had) for Logan appears to be real, but in Season 2, Logan's shallow, cringe-inducing affair with Rhea Jarrell (Holly Hunter), who is now both the former CEO of PGM and Waystar Royco, drove a wedge between the two.

Why did Logan send donuts?

So when Conner casually says, “Dad sent doughnuts,” it's not a nice gesture. It's Logan's counter-declaration of war. He knows where his children are, what they're doing, and he wants them to know he knows.

Why did Logan choose Rhea?

Logan and Roman share a car to the airport. Once onboard, they find Ken and Rhea. Logan decided to invite her since she was already going to London to see theater. Also confirming he could use her strategic mind. Shiv has dinner with Rhea who offers her, her old job with The Pierce family.

Are Logan and Kerry sleeping together?

Before Logan makes his pick, we see him and the members of his traveling party — including his assistant, Kerry, who is sleeping with Logan(*), as Roman rightly deduces, and is therefore emboldened to speak out in meetings like a member of the inner circle — being wooed and pursued by those in attendance.

Does Marcia love Logan?

She's in love with Logan, even though he is not an easy man and not a simple human being. She's part of it now because they're married. We learn she doesn't get overwhelmed — she has control over what happens and enjoys being the serene, decision maker.

What's wrong with Sandy in Succession?

However, Sandy is stricken with an advanced case of syphilis, meaning he can only communicate through his daughter, who is also confusingly named Sandy.

What happened to Logan Roys Sister Rose?

It's unknown what happened to Rose, beyond the fact that she is a very sensitive topic and Logan has blamed himself for her death.

What are the lashes on Logan Roys back?

Once when Kendall openly insulted Logan, Logan replied with "If my Uncle heard me talk like that..." alluding to his uncle's abuse and temper. Whether the abuse had really happened or not is up for debate, but Logan is shown having large, deep scars on his back, which are implied to have been given by his Uncle.

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