Why did Akua burn her kids?

They will not tell Akua where Abee and Ama Serwah are. That Akua's family history causes her to kill her children serves as an allegory of the way in which colonization and slavery has hindered future generations, both on the Gold Coast and in America.

What does Akua Homegoing fire represent?

Later in the novel, spurred by watching a white man tied to a tree and burned, Akua dreams of a woman made of fire holding two children. This dream ties back to Maame and her two daughters, representing how the slave trade destroyed one line of the family tree and cursed the other line.

Why is Marjorie afraid of fire?

Marjorie's fear of fire shows that she has inherited its association with destruction, and reinforces its symbolism of her family's early involvement in the slave trade. Graham asks Marjorie if she liked the movie, but she had only been focused on him.

What happened to Akua in Homegoing?

In an attempt to get Abena to adopt his culture, the Missionary kills her instead. He continues to show disregard for Abena and her culture by burning her body and raising her daughter in a religion that led to her death. Asamoah returns at the end of Akua's week of imprisonment.

Why is Marcus afraid of water?

Marcus explains that he's afraid of the ocean because he has no idea where it begins. Marjorie says he would like the beaches in Ghana and suggests that they go together.

Nana Akua speaks out against Black History Month

What happens to effia's Stone?

Effia remains on the Gold Coast (modern-day Ghana), and her stone is passed down through seven generations of her descendants, ending with Marjorie.

What is the curse in Homegoing?

The saying, later recalled as a curse, becomes literal in Homegoing's elaborately realized structure: Effia's descendents remain in Africa; Esi is sold into bondage in the American South. Parallel chapters follow members of each generation on either continent.

Why was QUEY sent to England?

Quey had been sent to the village because the British had enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Abeeku and wanted to set up an outpost there to ensure their good relationship continued, as they had begun trading with other companies.

How did Ness get her scars?

Ness told him that Jo died. The Devil then took her and Sam back to Hell. Once there, he stripped them both naked. He tied Sam up and made him watch as Ness received her scars.

Is QUEY in love with cudjo?

He internalizes his affection towards Cudjo to avoid threat and violence from his father, James. The narrator continues to describe how paramount the closeness between them is that at the moment, they are “one body”, which clarifies how Quey views his love towards Cudjo as something beyond friendship (Gyasi 59).

Who are ESI's parents?

Characters like Esi and Ness later learn to deal with this despair only through the hope that their children will be able to survive them. Esi had been born in a small village to Big Man (who at that time was known as Kwame Asare) and Maame. Esi's father was not a chief, but he was the best warrior in the village.

Was ESI raped in Homegoing?

Esi is then sent to the Cape Coast Castle and is packed into the castle's dungeon with many other women, while her half-sister, Effia, lives a life of luxury upstairs. One day, Esi is raped by a British soldier and becomes pregnant. She is then shipped to America and sold to a plantation.

What does blood symbolize in Homegoing?

The symbol of blood in the Esi chapter represents the violence and oppression that the slaves faced during colonialism. They were forced to walk miles until their feet bled and perform labor that nearly killed them. The bloodline of Esi's family will always feel the effects of slavery.

What does the ocean symbolize in Homegoing?

Water and Boats Symbol Analysis. In Homegoing, water symbolizes the pain and suffering of slavery and racism, and specifically how slavery violently uproots people from their homes.

What is the relationship between effia and Cobbe?

Effia is the daughter of Cobbe Otcher and Maame. Growing up in a Fante village on the Gold Coast, Effia does not know that she is Maame's daughter.

What does the Cape Coast Castle symbolize in Homegoing?

Cape Coast Castle is a major geographic and historic location which the novel Homegoing revolves around. The fortress was home to major slave trade and 'castle slaves'. Marjorie's ancestors in Ghana had witnessed and – for some – experienced slavery in all its extremities, including 'castle slavery'.

What is the significance of the Black Stone James gives Abena?

Before she goes, James gives her Effia's black stone necklace. He tells her that his father had been a slaver, but that he wanted to escape the dishonor that he felt doing his family's work. He offers the stone to her so that it might serve her well, as it had served him.

Who Is query in Homegoing?

Quey is the son of James Collins and Effia. As a biracial man, Quey doesn't feel like he fits in with any culture. He is constantly afraid of appearing weak and disappointing his father, and so he reluctantly takes up his father's business of slave trading.

What year does Homegoing take place?

“Homegoing” spans 300 years from 18th century Ghana and the end of British colonialism there to contemporary America as it follows the misfortunes of Effia and Esi and their descendents.

What did Ma Aku believe about the boats that Kojo worked on?

He loved the look of those boats, loved that his hands helped build and maintain them, but Ma Aku always said it was bad juju, him and all the other freed Negroes working on ships.

What kind of person is Maame in Homegoing?

In “Esi,” Maame appears as a loving mother who “had never been able to stay mad at Esi for longer than a few seconds” (33). She is described as “terrified of fire” and haunted by the rape she endured while a house girl to Cobbe Otcher (33).

Is Baaba Effias mom?

Fiifi told her that it was he who wrote the letter informing her that their father was going to die, and he also revealed that Baaba was not Effia's birth mother. Her birth mother, the one who left the stone pendant, was a house girl who ran away into the fire on the night of Effia's birth. That day, Cobbe died.

Who married effia?

Each chapter in the novel follows a different descendant of an Asante woman named Maame, starting with her two daughters, who are half-sisters, separated by circumstance: Effia marries James Collins, the British governor in charge of Cape Coast Castle, while her half-sister Esi is held captive in the dungeons below.

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