Who is the traitor one piece?

It's here that the Akazaya Nine starts to face the truth that one of them is actually a traitor, and soon Kanjuro reveals that he has been the betrayer all along. Confirming what Orochi said in the previous episode, Kanjuro revealed that his real name is Kanjuro Kurozumi.

Who is the Wano traitor One Piece?

Type of Villain

Kurozumi Kanjuro is a samurai of Wano and an antagonist in One Piece. A member of The Nine Red Scabbards, who were the retainers of Kozuki Oden. Kanjuro is, in fact, a member of the Kurozumi Family and has been serving as a spy for Shogun Orochi since the beginning.

Is there a traitor in One Piece?

Kanjuro stayed behind on the coast in secret, sending a drawing clone onto the boat with the other retainers. As Kin'emon wondered about the possibility of a traitor among them, Kanjuro's clone then revealed that he was the traitor.

Who betrayed in One Piece?

The reveal of Kanjuro being a traitorous Kurozumi clan member is something One Piece fans will never forget. Whether for appreciating the literary brilliance of this betrayal, or out of pure rage and anger, fans will always remember Kanjuro's betrayal of his friends.

Who betrayed Luffy?

When he ran into them right before the wedding, Sanji viciously attacked Luffy just to make him go away. It's among the more heartbreaking scenes in One Piece history. Luffy doesn't bother fighting back, since he knew that Sanji was forced into this position.

Kanjuro Is The Traitor | The Akazaya Nine Are Shocked | English Sub

Who killed Kanjuro?

With Kinemon stepping up to the plate, wearing his anger on his sleeve, Oden's right-hand man is able to deliver a killing blow to Kanjuro, who is able to deliver some final words that sting the Vassal even more: "That's it.

Who betrayed whitebeard?

Squard, in return, thought of Whitebeard as a father figure, but felt betrayed when he was tricked into thinking that Whitebeard was planning to sacrifice all of his subordinates to save Ace, and tried to assassinate him. When Whitebeard proved otherwise, Squard broke down in tears for his mistakes.

Did Sanji betray Luffy?

Sanji will instead betray the Straw Hat Pirates and attack Luffy, with Luffy finding it difficult to fight his friend for real. Both men are already beaten and bruised after their recent fights, with neither of them wanting to give up on their ambitions.

Is there a traitor in Straw Hat crew?

The Straw hats knew there was a traitor

Unless Franky knew there was going to be an attack, he had no reason to build a decoy Sunny. My theory is that the Straw hats knew there was a traitor. Okay, maybe not Luffy. He may not be that smart to figure as much, but some of his crewmates can.

Why did Nami betray Luffy?

At first, Nami was excited to join the crew but grew more reluctant once she learned that Luffy is a pirate because of her disgust of pirates. She betrayed Luffy and even wished him dead before he formed a crew.

Who betrayed Oden?

Kanjuro, one of the nine red scabbards, is one who betrayed Oden, his vassals, and the entirety of Wano. He did this because he is actually of the Kurozumi clan.

What is Kanjuro devil fruit?

The Fude Fude no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to generate ink from their body and use of a painting brush to turn images created with that ink into three-dimensional, lifelike objects. It was eaten by Kurozumi Kanjuro.

What episode does Kanjuro betray Luffy?

"The Second Samurai — Evening Shower Kanjuro Appears" is the 691st episode of the One Piece anime.

Is Luffy the joy boy?

Firstly, Luffy is not the reincarnation of Joy Boy, but rather it seems as if “Joy Boy” truly is just a title given to whoever holds the power to liberate the world.

Who is the traitor in Akazaya nine?

It's here that the Akazaya Nine starts to face the truth that one of them is actually a traitor, and soon Kanjuro reveals that he has been the betrayer all along. Confirming what Orochi said in the previous episode, Kanjuro revealed that his real name is Kanjuro Kurozumi.

Who is leaking info to Orochi?

Kin'emon and his fellow Scabbards attempted to sail to Onigashima on their own while Momonosuke and Shinobu stayed behind at the port. Kanjuro then revealed that he was the one who was leaking information to Orochi.

What episode does Robin betray Luffy?

"Robin Betrayed! The Expectations of the World Government!" is the 269th episode of the One Piece anime.

Why did Pudding betray Sanji?

As part of her mother's plan to assassinate the entire Vinsmoke Family, Pudding deceived Sanji into believing she loved him, taking advantage of his attraction towards her as well as his own vulnerable state of mind (caused by her family taking his friends and Zeff hostage).

Why is Robin with CP9?

Having nowhere to go, she ended up staying with the crew until the events of Water 7 transpired. Robin was found out by the CP-9 and asked to turn herself in as she could read the Poneglyphs and could help the World Government revive the Pluton.

Does Zoro leave the crew?

Zoro then goes on to say that he cannot trust a guy that decides to quit the crew then just come back. He adds that if the first thing he hears from Usopp is an outright apology, then he will let him rejoin but will leave if he makes an excuse. Sanji actually agrees with Zoro and Luffy accepts that he is right.

Does Sanji have Devil Fruit?

He currently has the third highest bounty in the crew after Luffy and Jinbe. Alongside Jinbe, Sanji was one of two members of the crew who fight while relying solely on pure might and skills without any weapons or Devil Fruits in combat, prior to receiving his raid suit.

Does Sanji find all blue?

It is said that All Blue is found in the Grand Line. Zeff saved Sanji when he realized that they had the same dream of going to All Blue. Although All Blue has yet to appear in the series, it was first mentioned in Chapter 56 and Episode 26, where Sanji and some chefs discussed if All Blue even exists.

Did Gol D. Roger have a devil fruit?

In the world of One Piece, the strongest of pirates have a devil Fruit ability. Gol D. Roger was called the Pirate King. But sadly he did not have a Devil Fruit power.

Who is Gol D Rogers son?

Interestingly, Gol D. Roger's son, Portgas D. Ace's birthday is not that far apart from his own. Ace was born on January 1, 1502, after his mother, Portgas D.

Why did Whitebeard turn red?

Whitebeard was unable to move after his last attack on Blackbeard. Whitebeard was shown with his body turned red with smoke coming out of it similar to Luffy in Gear Second. This was likely done to signify his fury. Whitebeard's speech was longer.

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