Who is a Leo in one piece?

"Warrior" Leo is a dwarf from the Tontatta Kingdom and the leader of the "Tonta Corps " (トンタ兵長, Tonta-heichō?), which was later reformed as a pirate crew now known as the Tontatta Pirates, with Leo now acting as the captain. He is the captain of the fifth ship of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

What Zodiac is Nami?

Like the Taurus, Nami is guiding and practically dragging the Straw Hats across the Grand Line.

What zodiac sign is Luffy?

He can also be stubborn, uncompromising, and bullheaded. All of these traits are reflected by his Zodiac sign. Luffy being born on May 5 makes him a Taurus. Taurus is a fixed sign.

Is Luffy an Aries?

Luffy-Aries Zoro-Lion Sanji-Scorpio Nami-Taurus Robin-Pisces Chopper-Cancer Fran... - My Blog | Manga anime, Anime, One piece.

Is Sanji a Pisces?

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Sanji

Sanji isn't exactly a typical example of Cancer. He's more gruff and abrasive than one might expect from the nurturing Water sign.

One Piece 714 Leo saves Manshelly

Is Zoro a Virgo?

5 Scorpio: Roronoa Zoro.

Is Zoro a Pisces?

2) Zoro- Scorpio

He encapsulates everything a Scorpio is since he's a powerful man yet utterly loyal to his friends and family.

Who is a Sagittarius in one piece?

Pica is a Sagittarian and is quiet for one.

What is Levi's zodiac sign?

Levi's birthday is on December 25th, meaning he's a Capricorn -- known to be the most ambitious of all the zodiac signs. Capricorn is an earth sign represented by a sea goat and the zodiac's tenth sign. Aside from being the most ambitious, Capricorns are often referred to as workaholics.

What anime character is Aquarius?

5 Mikasa Ackerman Is Born On February 10 (Attack On Titan)

Those who have Aquarius as their zodiac sign are self-reliant, clever, advanced, and beyond exceptional. A fan favorite from Attack on Titan, Mikasa exhibits all of these traits and more.

What anime characters are Gemini?

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  1. Itachi Uchiha - Naruto. Photo: Studio Pierrot. ...
  2. Koshi Sugawara - Haikyuu!! ...
  3. Ai Ohto - Wonder Egg Priority. ...
  4. Hinata Tachibana - Tokyo Revengers. ...
  5. Kisumi Shigino - Free! ...
  6. Ash Ketchum - Pokemon. ...
  7. All Might - My Hero Academia. ...
  8. Shinji Ikari - Neon Genesis Evangelion.

How old is Luffy 2021?

17 (pre-timeskip); 19 (post-timeskip)

Is Nami a Pisces?

Taurus- Nami

Nami is one of the brightest characters on the crew, and unlike others, she is mature and level-headed. Her views on pirates and bounty hunters change over the series' course, and yet she holds her decision to be righteous. Nami has had a sad past, yet she never backed down.

Who is a Scorpio in HXH?

5 Scorpio - Killua Zoldyck.

What anime characters are Leos?

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  1. Kusuo Saiki - 'The Disastrous Life of Saiki K' Photo: J.C. Staff. ...
  2. Sasha Blouse - 'Attack on Titan' ...
  3. Yato - 'Noragami' ...
  4. Nagisa Hazuki - 'Free! ...
  5. Tomoe - 'Kamisama Kiss' ...
  6. Sasuke Uchiha - 'Naruto' ...
  7. Shiro - 'No Game No Life' ...
  8. Kanade Tachibana - 'Angel Beats'

Who in Haikyuu is a Libra?

6 Libra - Kenma Kozume (D.O.B: October 16, 1995)

Being a Libra, Kenma always thinks before he acts and seems to be far more analytical than Haikyuu's other characters.

Is Mikasa an Aquarius?

2) Mikasa Ackerman - Aquarius

Born on February 10, Mikasa is an Aquarius through and through. Aquarius have a reputation as being intimidatingly independent, free-spirited, with a unique perspective of life. Mikasa, too, has these qualities shining through her being.

Who is the smartest Straw Hat?

1) Nico Robin

Nico Robin, however, is undoubtedly the smartest amongst the Straw Hat pirates. She's the only survivor of the island of Ohara, a people renowned for their general intelligence and academic capabilities. She's also one of, if not the only person alive in the One Piece world who can read the Poneglyphs.

What is NAMI's full name?

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental health.

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