Who has the lowest health in Brawl Stars?

Tick is a Common Brawler who is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 4000 Trophies. He has the lowest health of any Brawler but has high damage potential.

Which brawl star has the most health?

Frank is an Epic Brawler who has the highest health of any Brawler and a high damage potential, but loses mobility when attacking or using his Super.

Which is the most weakest brawler in Brawl Stars?

Top 10 worst brawlers in this current meta
  • 4 7. El Primo.
  • 5 6. Piper.
  • 6 5. Shelly.
  • 7 4. Bull.
  • 8 3. Darryl.
  • 9 2. Colt.
  • 10 1. Bo.
  • 11 recap.

Who is the hardest person to get in Brawl Stars?

5 Hardest (and most rewarding) Brawlers to use in Brawl Stars
  • Mortis. Mortis is one of the most unique brawlers in Brawl Stars. ...
  • Sprout. Like other projectile-lobbing characters in Brawl Stars, Sprout has a ranged attack that is slow and takes perfect timing. ...
  • Frank. ...
  • Jacky. ...
  • Nani.

Which Brawl Stars character does the most damage?

Spike: As the Brawler with the highest damage in the game, Spike can go up to the Boss and deal heavy damage consistently.

We got 50400 Health In Brawl Stars!

Who can beat Edgar brawl stars?

Bull,Shelly, other that have big health and damage from melee range. FRANK! He can destroy Edgars.

Who is the best chromatic brawler?

Belle is also really good, her chain damage is good if the enemy has low HP. Her special is a tracking thing too, actually she's a good support but she also plays well in showdown. Buzz is too op right now, but everyone knows that Buzz will get nerfed after the season ends. But for now he's the best chromatic brawler.

Is EMZ a good brawler?

Emz is a great control Brawler in Gem Grab, Brawl Ball and especially Hot Zone due to her lingering attack.

Which brawler is the hardest?

The one-tricks who pull off multiple Dyna jumps consistently while controlling the map, with a new counter nearly every update are either in completely different league, fourteen or both. It would probably be Mortis. He's the most difficult to play since his attack is literally charging straight at an enemy.

Who is the most op brawler in Brawl Stars?

  • 1 10. Dynamike.
  • 2 9. Frank.
  • 3 8. Nita.
  • 4 7. Poco.
  • 5 6. Pam.
  • 6 5. Barley.
  • 7 4. Tara.
  • 8 3. Penny.

Is El Primo a good brawler?

Excellent Big Brawler

El Primo's tankiness will make him a great Big Brawler since he can soak up tons of damage. His Super also lets him jump to enemy locations, and lay waste to those unlucky enough to be there!

Is Amber good in Brawl Stars?

Amber is an excellent counter to high-health Brawlers because her continuous attack deals enough damage to eliminate them. She can also use her Super to prevent them from healing and finish them off.

How old is Jacky brawl?

Jacky: At least 50. İts hard to work with a jackhammer. Dynamike: The 2nd oldest. At least 70.

Is mortis a good brawler?

Mortis is a Mythic Brawler who has moderately-high health and great mobility with his attack and a very fast movement speed at the expense of a low damage output and a very slow reload speed.

How much damage does El Primo do?

El Primo summons a small meteor to strike the nearest enemy. It deals 2000 damage and destroys walls.

Is 8 bit a good brawler?

8-Bit is a Common Brawler who is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 6000 Trophies. He has high health and a high damage output, but suffers by having the slowest movement speed of any Brawler.

Is squeak good Brawl Stars?

With mediocre range, mediocre hp, and a useless gadget, Squeak is debatably the worst brawler in the game. In fact, Tom placed Squeak last in his tier list made today.

How good is Belle in Brawl Stars?

Her stats are nothing special for a long range brawler, her bounce mechanic can be very good but drops out noticeably when playing against good opponents, her super is really good but needs 5 shots to get and not guaranteed you hit someone. Her gadget seems good but not crazy and her star powers are good as well.

What does EMZ say in Brawl Stars?

“Sksksksk.” “Take a chill pill.” “I will destroy you!” “Hashtag stop the hate!”

What does EMZ stand for in Brawl Stars?

EMZ = Electro Magnetic Zombie.

Who is the best sharpshooter in Brawl Stars?

Belle. The latest Brawler has rapidly found her place in the highest tiers of the meta. Belle established herself as the best sniper in the game, on top of Colt and Piper.

What is the best brawler in Brawl Stars 2021?

These are the best brawlers in Brawl Star on account of their high power level and useability.
  • Surge.
  • Colette.
  • Lou.
  • Colonel Ruffs.
  • Belle.
  • Buzz.
  • Ash.
  • Lola.

How rare is a mythic brawler?

The player's luck value raises the chances of getting a Legendary Brawler, and it will decrease based on the rarity of the Brawler. Rares decrease luck by 0.0048%, Super Rares 0.0096%, Epics 0.0144%, Mythics 0.024%, and Legendaries by 0.048%.

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