Who has the best skin in BTS?

Jimin might've had some bad skin days like tae and kook, but he sure has one of the best glow ups without makeup that makes him on the top of the list.

Who has smooth skin in BTS?

BTS' Jimin

The secret to his glowing, smooth skin WATER! The "Filter" singer shared that two of the most important things when it comes to skincare is never going to bed with makeup on and always washing your face at night.

Who is darkest in BTS?

i believed that every bts member had a darkest past but in my opinion, i think yoongi, taehyung and namjoon have the darkest past. yoongi came from a very poor family, his father's job wasn't enough to pay the bills so he and his brother had to take a part-time job.

How does BTS have such good skin?

He vouches by sunscreen and sheet masks. His routine is literally as simple as it can get. Jimin has gone on to reveal that his favourite skincare hack is to drink lots of water and remove his makeup before going to bed. Sometimes it's the simple things that make a huge difference.

Who has pimples in BTS?

The BTS boys are not just one of the most famous K-pop groups in the world but have not become fashion icons.

Asking NYC Strangers to Pick the Most Handsome BTS Member?!

Who has the best smile in BTS?

Worldwide handsome Jin from BTS has the most beautiful smile and here's proof.

Who looks good without makeup in BTS?

Jin. Jin, our "worldwide handsome," can have no makeup on and still look flawless! Jin's naturally smooth skin is to die for. Even girls envy his porcelain face.

Do BTS like Indian?

'BTS' boys V, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, RM, and J-Hope have reacted to Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone's song 'India Waale'. South Korean band 'BTS' knows how to win our hearts, they have a huge fan following in India.

Who is the lightest in BTS?

Though every member of the group is quite slim, Suga is the lightest, at 130 lbs. Jungkook, the youngest member of the group at 22, is the heaviest at 154 lbs.

Who wears the most makeup in BTS?

Jungkook. Jungkook is one of BTS' members that experiments with makeup the most, though his looks are still often and natural per the band's aesthetic.

Which BTS member has best hair?

All of BTS's Most Memorable Hairstyles
  • 1 Jin's Purple Hair. Han Myung-GuGetty Images. ...
  • 2 RM's Mohawk. Big Hit EntertainmentYouTube. ...
  • 3 Jimin's Coral Hair. Jeff KravitzGetty Images. ...
  • 4 V's Teal Hair. JTBC PLUSGetty Images. ...
  • 6 Suga's Mint Hair. ...
  • 7 RM's Platinum Blonde Hair. ...
  • 8 V's Two-Toned Look. ...
  • 9 Jimin's Purple Pink Hair.

Who is the most handsome in BTS?

Recently AllKpop which is a Korean entertainment portal shared the Most Handsome and Beautiful in the world 2022 list. The voting took place on the Instagram page after which the results were declared. BTS' V aka Kim Taehyung has got the top spot while Jungkook is in the second place.

Does BTS have plastic surgery?

Summary: most members of BTS have had plastic surgery operations. But they are not 'addicted' or demonstrating 'problematic overuse' of elective plastic surgery.

Who is the face of BTS?

No single member of BTS is its “face,” but the spotlight often belongs to 25-year-old singer and dancer Park Jimin.

What is skin type V?

People with skin type V have an olive or dark skin tone and include light-skinned African-Americans, Indians, and those of Middle Eastern descent.

What is BTS favorite country?

Apart from their home country, South Korea, the 7 boys also love Japan and have sung several songs in the Japanese language for their Japanese ARMYs. What's more exciting, the Japanese compilation album of BTS songs has already crossed the 1 million sales figure.

Did BTS react Indian songs?

This time, BTS expressed their love for Indian fans by sharing their reaction to Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone's India Wale song from Farah Khan directorial Happy New Year.

Which Indian songs are famous in Korea?

“I believe Tunak Tunak Tun is the most well-known Indian song in Korea,” he told Rolling Stone India.

Who is the best dancer in BTS?

In a poll from Pinkvilla in May 2020, fans voted on the best dancer in the group. J-Hope came in first place, with Jimin tracing close behind.

Who has to wear glasses in BTS?

Jimin isn't the only BTS member who wears glasses for fashion and, sometimes, for function. According to fans on Quora, most of the BTS members do need prescription glasses. Jin, RM, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, and V often wear contacts while in public to improve their vision.

Which BTS member is most popular India?

According to Big Data Hallyu Market Research 2021, BTS' Jeon Jungkook is the most popular Korean entertainment star in India. If there is one K-pop idol that has managed to win the hearts of Indian fans, it is BTS member Jeon Jungkook.

Who is talkative in BTS?

RM: When he's talkative, he's the most talkative. Always wants to be free. Easygoing.

Who has heart smile in BTS?

ARMY and even non-fans, nobody can escape the lethal effects of Taehyung's boxy smile. Taehyung has a pretty heart smile that gives him an amazing duality. On one hand, he is the cute Tae Tae and on the other hand, he is the sensuous idol and performer Kim Taehyung! We love Taehyung's boxy heart smile and duality!

Which soap does BTS V use?

1. PHYSIOGEL Daily Moisture Therapy Creme 75ml. Taehyung has confirmed that he uses the PHYSIOGEL Daily Moisture Therapy Creme 75ml for his skincare routine.

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