What does scythe tattoo mean?

Aside from being a symbol of pre-industrial farming the scythe is seen as a symbol of death, specifically the Grim Reaper. The Reaper is often depicted carrying or wielding a scythe and as such it has come to represent and symbolize death.

What is the meaning of the reaper tattoo?

The Grim Reaper can represent the "circle of life," showing that you understand that life and death happens to us all and is an event that we will all eventually face. He can also represent bravery and courage, showing that you are not afraid to die or meet your faith.

What does a dagger tattoo mean?

Having a dagger tattoo can represent both virtuous qualities within ourselves and also any adversity we may experience in life; the biggest of all being death. Not only is a dagger a representation of betrayal, loss and danger but it is also seen as a symbol of protection, sacrifice and bravery.

Why do people get noose tattoos?

The noose can sometimes mean impending death. This is a popular version of the tattoo for people who are either sick or otherwise know that they are going to die. Prison inmates on death row (or potentially going on death row) will get the noose tattoo for this reason.

What does a sword tattoo mean?

The sword is considered to be a military emblem. You commonly find sword tattoos that are portrayed to represent bravery and courage in battle among soldiers. It can also be associated with Christianity. Some even consider the sword a symbol of Christ, and twin swords are often inked as a crucifix.

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What does 3 sword tattoo mean?

The Three of Swords may not be the card you want to see drawn. In addition to the obvious negative implications it holds, this card represents relief, acceptance, and progress.

What does an upside down sword mean?

When the sword points downward, tip toward the ground, it symbolizes the handing over of power and victory.

What is the tattoo for depression?

The meaning of the semicolon tattoo is reflective of what a semicolon means to a writer; that the story isn't over and there is more to be written. Similarly, Amy wanted the semicolon tattoo to represent that a person with depression is choosing to keep going.

What does a hangman tattoo mean?

The hanged man represents being temporarily suspended. Life is on hold, but it is necessary and serves a purpose in order to progress forward. If you receive this card you may be making a decision and need to wait until you are absolutely certain or wait for the proper opportunity for success.

What does a noose tattoo around the neck mean?

This is a variant of the first KKK tattoo that was used in the early 20's. the noose is the more significant symbol. Represents the large amount of lynching of blacks that took place in the early part of the last century.

What are offensive tattoos?

What Constitutes an Offensive or Appropriative Tattoo? Tattoos that promote racism, hate, and warfare are considered offensive and illegal in some states and countries. Tattoos that promote crime, and crime-related activities either offensive or even illegal too.

What does a dagger through the neck tattoo mean?

A dagger through the neck means that a criminal has committed murder in prison and is available to hire for further killing. The drops of blood can signify the number of murders committed.

What does a dagger facing down mean?

The Dagger with the tip pointing upwards symbolises the masculine and any reference to it, such as the spear and the sword. On the other hand, if the dagger has the point downwards it indicates the feminine as it may be the symbol of the moon.

What tattoo means death?


The Grim Reaper or tattoos associated with death can seem morbid. But these types of tattoos have powerful meaning to people: Usually, as the grim reaper is the avatar of death, people will have this image tattooed on them to remind them of their mortality.

Is the Grim Reaper good?

The Grim Reaper has often - falsely - been depicted as an evil spirit that preys on mortals. In truth, however, they are neither evil nor good, merely a force of nature and order.

Is Grim Reaper an angel?

The Grim Reaper is also called the Angel of Death. However, there are many angels that are associated with death in both a positive and negative context.

Does a spider web tattoo mean?

The traditional spiderweb tattoo can symbolise a struggle in the wearer's life that they have had to overcome. Used within a naval context, sailors would tattoo this design to show they're wanting to go home, with the web representing their long wait.

What does a guillotine tattoo mean?

A guillotine tattoo is a foreboding mystery. Sure to inspire a spectrum of emotions from those who behold it, the guillotine is a nod to mortality and a jeer at the finality of judgement all in one neat little package.

What tattoo represents strength?

As mentioned earlier, the lotus flower is an ultimate symbol of personal emotional, and physical strength. The lotus design is suitable for both men and women and represents power, strength, endurance, and one's ability to overcome life's struggles.

What are trauma tattoos?

A traumatic tattoo is when foreign bodies become forcibly embedded in the dermis and create a permanent tattoo. Such particles may include fireworks, sand, metal, glass, gunpowder, asphalt, dust, petroleum products, and graphite from pencil point injuries.

What is the symbol for mental illness?

The green ribbon is the international symbol for mental health awareness. Wear a green ribbon to show colleagues, loved ones or simply those you walk past that you care about their mental health. It can also be worn in memory of a loved one.

What does 2 crossed swords stand for?

2-crossed-swords definition

2 crossed swords pointing up means ready to fight and 2 crossed swords pointing down means the fight is over. An example of 2 crossed swords is a symbol used in heraldry and as a symbol of a battle. noun. 2. Two crossed swords on a shield.

What does 3 crossed swords mean?

​ In a general context, the Three of Swords represents unhappiness, heartache, sorrow and sadness. It is a Minor Arcana card of grief, loss, depression and tears and when it appears in your Tarot reading it generally indicates a period of difficulty or hardship, usually on an emotional level.

What does a skull and crossed swords mean?

Calico Jack's flag was a skull positioned over a pair of crossed swords, and this, known as the Jolly Roger, came to represent pirates in general. To the common folk, a skull and crossbones (or swords) would evermore represent something bad and probably deadly.

What does a snake around a sword mean?

A snake wrapped around a sword combines the symbolism of both the snake and the sword, which can represent life, fertility and wisdom together with strength, protection, courage and fearlessness. … It can also be symbolic of the Caduceus symbol.

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