What does pix mean on MontBlanc pens?

Subtly designed, Montblanc PIX writing implements are inspired by the Bauhaus architecture movement and named after the historical PIX trademark. Each pen is hand turned in Germany, the highly polished resin body illuminates a lustrous finish and the platinum plated accents add the missing spark of flair.

What does PIX mean Montblanc?

Around 1997, Montblanc introduced the "Pix" mark as a further anti-counterfeiting feature. Often you will find this on the cap band as well as a much less obvious place: the underside of the clip.

Do all Montblanc pens have PIX?

That is not unusual. The second engraved mark on the pen is the word “Pix.” This word should be on the underside of the pen clip on pens dating from 1997 and later. Most fake Montblanc pens will be missing this mark.

What is the difference in Montblanc pens?

The main difference between a Montblanc rollerball and a Montblanc ballpoint pen is their ink. The rollerball uses a water-based ink that tends to a little more vibrant and sharper where as the ballpoint uses an oil-based ink that is more deliberate while also being a little lighter.

Do Montblanc pens hold value?

Do Montblanc Pens Appreciate. Yes, they can appreciate in value! However, as with most investments, there is no guaranteed profit. You may wonder why items such as pens could appreciate in value in today's digital world, but that is due to the nature of these high-end writing instruments.

Is this $250 Montblanc Pen worth it? | PIX Ballpoint Pen

Does Montblanc ink expire?

Ink bottles: 5 years. Ink cartridges: 2.5 years. Rollerball, ballpoint or Fineliner refills: 4 years.

Can I check my Montblanc serial number?

Check for a serial number on the ring attached to the clip on the pen. Most Montblanc pens manufactured after 1991 include a 2 letter serial number followed by seven digits, although it has changed in recent years to include 6 letters and 3 numbers.

Are Montblanc pens real gold?

The nib is the heart of a fountain pen, and Montblanc's are made from 14- or 18-karat gold.

When did Montblanc add serial numbers?

Serial Numbers and Pix

Montblanc introduced serial numbers in 1991 in some sort of attempt to counter the replica/counterfeit market.

How can you tell a fake Montblanc Meisterstuck?

To check authenticity of a MontBlanc Pen, look for the serial number. Most counterfeit pens will have a seven-letter word beginning with 'Germany'. Authentic models manufactured after 1991 include two digits followed by letters on the ring attached to their clips.

What is the difference between ballpoint and rollerball?

Ballpoint pens uses a thick oil-based ink, whilst rollerball pens use a water-based ink, more similar to the ink used in fountain pens. These two styles of ink act very differently to one another.

Are Montblanc pens any good?

Montblanc's pens are so much more than just pens. They are true works of art, with amazing attention to detail and of impressive quality. And because of this, they can, just like so many other qualitative items, really last a lifetime. In fact, they can even be passed on as heirlooms.

What is a Montblanc Meisterstück?

Almost 100 years after its first introduction in 1924, the Meisterstück is the best known writing instrument of any Montblanc collection. The momentum behind it comes from the hands of Montblanc artisans, who continue to create finely-tuned, writing instruments of the highest possible quality.

How much gold is on a Montblanc pen?

These pens have 14 carat gold nibs and a piston filling mechanism. The top of the cap is adorned with a representation of the snow covered top of Europe's highest mountain, the Mont Blanc and the 4810 on the nib represents the hight of the mountain, 4810 meters.

Where is Montblanc Meisterstück made?

After carrying it for most of my working life, it, and I, returned to its birthplace, in Hamburg, Germany, to visit the Montblanc nib-making factory as well as the Montblanc Museum.

Are all Montblanc pen refills the same?

In order to meet the individuality of each and every passionate writer, Montblanc's refill range includes refills in different sizes and colours. Years of experience and dedication is what inspires Montblanc's visionaries and constitutes the foundation behind their creative process.

How long do Montblanc pens last?

Rollerball, ballpoint or Fineliner refills: 4 years. Document marker: 2 years. Small ballpoint refills: 2 years.

Are Montblanc pens refillable?

Montblanc fountain pens can be refilled with standard international-sized ink cartridges or with the ink converter originally provided with the pen and any brand of bottled ink.

Why are Montblanc Meisterstück pens so expensive?

Montblanc pens are expensive because they are considered a status symbol. They are a high-quality pen made from the finest materials with top craftsmanship.

Why are Mont Blancs so expensive?

Due to their superior quality and longevity, Montblanc pens are known for having a higher price tag. So, it's understandable that customers want to seek out a Montblanc pen at the cheapest price.

Do Montblanc pens have a lifetime guarantee?

Montblanc Product Guarantee

Montblanc offers an international guarantee for a period of two years from the date of purchase which covers defects in manufacturing and materials.

Are MontBlanc rollerball pens worth it?

MontBlanc Pens: A Luxury Pen That's Worth the Investment

More importantly, these pens are made with the highest quality materials and excellent workmanship. The rich history that goes behind plays a huge role, but the craftsmanship that comes with every pen makes each one worth every cent.

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