What does ACE mean in fraternity?

Ace: The first person in a new member line of an NPHC organization. Active: An initiated member of a fraternity or sorority. A member in good standing. Alumna/Alumnus: An initiated member who has graduated. Female and male, respectively.

What does it mean to be an ace in Greek?

Ace: The first person in an intake class for a culturally-based fraternity or sorority. ( Usually organized shortest to tallest)

What does AP mean in Greek life?

Prospective Member: A term used for undergraduate men and women interested in becoming a member of a fraternity/sorority. Recommendation: A statement or letter from an alumnus/alumna or an active member of a fraternity/sorority, which recommends a prospective member for membership.

What are new frat members called?

New Member – A member of a sorority or fraternity who has not been initiated (also called associate member or pledge). New Member Period – The time during which new members learn about their organization, its members, and their activities.

What is DA in fraternity?

D.A. or Deactivate: A student who for some reason removes himself or herself from association with the fraternity and drops membership completely.

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What is the number 1 fraternity?

Currently, the largest fraternity by number of members is Sigma Alpha Epsilon. You can also rank frats by the number of active chapters across college campuses. Tau Kappa Epsilon holds this distinction with 290 chapters in colleges and universities.

What is the meaning of T6?

The T6 refers to the temper or degree of hardness, which is achieved by precipitation hardening. This grade has a good strength-to-weight ratio and is also heat-treatable. With great formability and weldability, it is used for engineering and structural applications, boats, furniture, and more.

What's a frat sweetheart?

Sweethearts are women chosen by the brothers, women who have "been around (the fraternity), who have hung out a lot," said John Gilbert, a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. They serve as party guests, public relations advocates, friends to the brothers and various other capacities.

What do frat brothers call each other?

Brother – Term that fraternity members call each other. Bullhorn – The first person of the line. Call/Chant – A yell used mostly by NPHC organizations (although some NIC, NPC, NALFO, NMGC and local orgs have calls as well). Used to identify and greet brothers and sisters.

Can you get kicked out of a fraternity?

Contrary to what you might believe, it's easy to get kicked out of a fraternity. If you get caught breaking the house rules, and it's a serious enough offense, you will get kicked out. One thing to keep in mind is that many frats have recently become dry.

Why do they call Kappas Nupes?

Kappa is the shortened name of the fraternity that was formed by all black students in January 1911 on the campus of Indian University to work to create conditions of equality for Black Africans and Americans in American college campuses. Nupe is the name reserved for all pledged members of the fraternity.

What does LB mean in fraternities?

Legacy: A person whose parent, sibling or grandparent is an alumna or active member of a sorority or fraternity. Line, also referred to as Ship: A group of new members in a specific NPHC chapter, in a specific semester. LB: Line Brother.

Why do Kappas have canes?

One “wore” a cane. These old canes were decorative, objects to be admired and be proud of. They became collectors items and represented the true sign of a Gentleman. Members of Kappa Alpha Psi have always worn or carried canes since the beginning of the Fraternity in 1911.

How can a fraternity drop a pledge?

The most important step in leaving the pledging process is to let the active brothers know of your intentions before formal initiation. Just like participation in any other extracurricular activity when you're in college, joining a fraternity is your choice.

What is fraternity hazing?

Hazing is any activity expected of someone joining or participating in a group that humiliates, degrades, abuses, or endangers them, regardless of a person's willingness to participate. There are three components that define hazing: It occurs in a group context. Humiliating, degrading, or endangering behavior.

What does dirty rush mean?

Dirty rushing is when a Greek chapter specifically tells a PNM that if they want that chapter, it's theirs. It can also include drinking/partying with PNMs and speaking to a PNM during the 'silent period' - the period after final party but before bid day where members of Greek Life are forbidden to speak to PNMs.

What is a ghost pledge?

Ghost pledging, as it is termed in the Greek community, is the practice of fraternity chapters giving unofficial bids to men who are ineligible to receive a formal bid to join a fraternity house.

How long are you a pledge in a fraternity?

Pledging is an intensive orientation and probationary period for students pursuing fraternity membership. Over the course of six weeks or more, pledges study all facets of fraternity life and the Greek system. You'll also spend time bonding with your new brothers.

What do you call a frat house?

Clipping of dormitory. Noun. ▲ A building in which the members of a fraternity reside or meet, especially one located on or near the campus of a college or university. chapter house.

What's a dream girl in a frat?

Dream Girl is one of Pi Kappa Alpha's numerous traditions. Any woman from a sorority who best represents and sincerely helps the fraternity is considered a Pike Dream Girl. Every year, a new Dream Girl is selected.

Can you date your fraternity brother?

Because fraternities have a perception of being exclusively heterosexual, there may not be rules that explicitly forbid dating within a fraternity. If you feel comfortable, broach the topic with your fraternity leaders. They will offer guidance as to how to approach being in a relationship with a fraternity brother.

What is a white rose in a fraternity?

The Fraternity's flower is the white rose. Its meaning is explained in the Ritual. Each chapter traditionally holds an annual White Rose banquet and dance. The chapter's sweetheart, known as the White Rose Sweetheart, is crowned at the dance and serves as the chapter's official hostess throughout the year.

What does APO stand for?

What is an APO address or an FPO address? APO stands for "Army Post Office," and is associated with Army or Air Force installations. FPO stands for "Fleet Post Office," and is associated with Navy installations and ships.

What is the meaning of Tau Gamma?

Tau Gamma Phi (ΤΓΦ) also known as the Triskelions' Grand Fraternity, is a fraternity established in the Philippines. Its members call themselves Triskelions. Their aim is to see a Fraternity System devoid of violence, and to earnestly propagate their fraternity's principles as their way of life.

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