What composer did Beethoven admire?

David Wyn Jones writes about Beethoven's admiration of Handel's music and its presence in the musical life of Vienna.

What composers did Beethoven influence?

Mahler, Brahms, Schoenberg, changing the symphony forever and redefining string quartets. Classic FM explores the composer's influence on succeeding generations.

What did Beethoven love the most?

Some historians have surmised that Beethoven fell deeply in love with Therese Malfatti, cousin to a close friend his, and even contemplated proposing in 1810. Once again, money got in the way. Her wealthy parents disapproved, and she was eventually married off to a nobleman.

What was Beethoven's favorite?

Beethoven's favorite food was mac-n-cheese.

Who did Beethoven study with?

In Vienna, Beethoven dedicated himself wholeheartedly to musical study with the most eminent musicians of the age. He studied piano with Haydn, vocal composition with Antonio Salieri and counterpoint with Johann Albrechtsberger.

How Did Beethoven Hear Music?

Who were Beethoven's two main influences?

Like other composers of his generation, Beethoven was subject to the influence of popular music and of folk music, influences particularly strong in the Waldstein ballet music of 1790 and in several of his early songs and unison choruses.

Who is the composer that taught Beethoven?

Beethoven was later taught by the composer and conductor Christian Gottlob Neefe, under whose tutelage he published his first work, a set of keyboard variations, in 1783. He found relief from a dysfunctional home life with the family of Helene von Breuning, whose children he loved, befriended, and taught piano.

Which symphony did Beethoven consider his favorite?

Beethoven's personal favorite symphony was his “Eroica.” Wonder what else would be on his iPod today?

What did Beethoven consider his best work?

Richard E. Rodda for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (http://cincinnatisymphony.org/program-notes/16-17/beethovens-missa-solemnis/) we get "It is not difficult to see why Beethoven regarded the Missa Solemnis as his greatest composition.

What is considered Beethoven's greatest work?

According to popular legend, the Eroica Symphony is considered to be one of Beethoven's most important works. It was originally dedicated to Napoleon.

Did Mozart and Beethoven ever meet?

In short, Beethoven and Mozart did meet. One account that is frequently cited was when Beethoven on a leave of absence from the Bonn Court Orchestra, travelled to Vienna to meet Mozart. The year was 1787, Beethoven was just sixteen-years-old and Mozart was thirty.

Who did Beethoven write Moonlight Sonata for?

Beethoven dedicated the work to Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, a 16-year-old aristocrat who was his student for a short time. The Moonlight Sonata was structurally and stylistically remarkable in its day.

Why is it called Fur Elise?

The song is thought to be written for Therese, a woman that Beethoven wanted to marry in 1810, however his handwriting was misspelt undergoing transcription, allowing the piece to be known as Fur Elise rather the Fur Therese. Therese did not want to marry him.

What romantic composers did Beethoven influence?

Maturation: Middle-period Romantic composers—including Hector Berlioz, Frederic Chopin, Felix Mendelssohn, Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, and Clara Wieck Schumann and her husband Robert Schumann—drew influence from Beethoven himself.

What was Beethoven's inspiration for Moonlight Sonata?

Beethoven dedicated the 'Moonlight' sonata to his 16-year old lover and student, Giulietta Guicciardi, whom he had fallen in love with at around that time. He proposed marriage to her, but her father forbade her from marrying him as he was without rank.

How did Bach influence Beethoven?

Bach's music and teachings radiated outward to other musical centers — first to Berlin, then Vienna, Zurich and Bonn, where twelve-year-old Beethoven mastered the preludes and fugues of The Well-Tempered Clavier long before they appeared in print. The first public mention of Beethoven links his name to Bach's.

What is Beethoven's most famous composition?

His most famous compositions included Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67 (1808), Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op 92 (1813), and Symphony No.

What is Beethoven's most famous sonata?

“Moonlight” is perhaps the most famous of Beethoven's sonatas. It was another Ludwig — Ludwig Rellstab, a music critic — who likened the slow, dramatic arpeggios of the first movement to flickering moonlight. Rellstab's nickname for the piece has stuck ever since, but originally, both sonatas in Beethoven's Op.

What is the most beautiful symphony ever written?

The 10 best symphonies of all time
  • Dvořák – Symphony No. 9 ('From The New World') ...
  • Mozart – Symphony No. 41. ...
  • Berlioz – Symphonie Fantastique. ...
  • Mahler – Symphony No. 2 ('Resurrection') ...
  • Brahms – Symphony No. 4. ...
  • Gorecki – Symphony No. 3 ('Symphony of Sorrowful Songs') ...
  • Shostakovich – Symphony No. 5.

Why is Eroica the greatest symphony?

Beethoven's thrilling, electrifying Eroica, a piece of music originally dedicated to Napoleon and celebrating the revolutionary spirit sweeping Europe, has been named the greatest symphony of all time by the world's greatest conductors.

Who is the best Beethoven conductor?

Herbert Blomstedt's readings deftly combine vigor and lyricism. The ninety-four-year-old Swedish conductor Herbert Blomstedt has achieved a longevity that is almost unprecedented in his profession.

Who influenced Beethoven the most?

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Haydn in particular became a fundamental influence and figure in Beethoven's early career, with Beethoven playing over 50 Haydn Symphonies with the Esterhazy Court Orchestra as a violist, and leaving Bonn to go study with the master himself as a pupil.

Who was Beethoven's tutor?

Gottlob Neefe (1748-1798): Beethoven's first teacher

Gottlob Neefe was Beethoven's first full-time teacher. He was a composer and musician in his own right, becoming Court Organist in 1781. He quickly recognised Beethoven's prodigious talent and secured for him the position of assistant Court Organist.

What did Beethoven think of Schubert?

The two composers were reburied in Vienna's main cemetery, the Zentralfriedhof, in 1888 - again alongside one another - where they lie today. There is no evidence the two men ever met. On his deathbed, Beethoven was brought scores of Schubert's songs and declared himself impressed.

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