What best describes the role of basso continuo?

Which statements describe the basso continuo? The keyboard player improvises chords following written numbers above the bass part. The basso continuo is usually played with a keyboard instrument and an instrument such as a cello or bassoon. The basso continuo has the effect of emphasizing the bass part.

What is the role of a basso continuo?

A basso continuo is, in 17th- and 18th- century music, the bass line and keyboard part that provide a harmonic framework for a piece of music. Basso Continuo literally means 'continuous bass', or to use the old English version, 'through bass'.

What is the definition of basso continuo quizlet?

What is the definition of "basso continuo"? a small ensemble of at least two instrumentalists that provides a foundation for the melody or melodies above, heard almost exclusively in Baroque music.

How does the basso continuo function in Baroque music quizlet?

The basso continuo — or just continuo — has the double effect of clarifying the harmony and making the texture bind or jell. This is music constructed from the bottom up.

What is basso continuo describe its function during the Baroque period?

Basso continuo denotes musicians who thickened the textures in music of the Baroque era by augmenting the bass line with a combination of chord-producing and bass instruments.

Basso continuo | Netherlands Bach Society

What is the role of the continuo?

A continuo is an accompanying part used in Baroque music, which provides a bassline for the other parts and adds harmony. At some time during that historically sprawling period we call The Renaissance, something happened to our notions of harmony.

What does it mean when the basso continuo or figured bass is realized quizlet?

Figured bass. in musical notation, numbers are placed below the bass line to show harmonic progression. Performed or 'realized' by the basso continuo. Basso continuo. Generally involves two performers- one playing the notated bass line, one realizing the harmonies as indicated by figured bass.

Which best describes Baroque music?

Baroque music is a style of Western art music composed from approximately 1600 to 1750. ... The Baroque period saw the creation of tonality. During the period, composers and performers used more elaborate musical ornamentation, made changes in musical notation, and developed new instrumental playing techniques.

Which of the following statements describes the role of music in baroque society?

Which of the following statements describes the role of music in baroque society? Music was an important source of entertainment in the courts of the aristocracy. What were some of the characteristics of musicians in baroque society.

What is the basso continuo or continuo in Baroque music quizlet?

Basso continuo was the harmony of the music. Generally, an instrument that was capable of playing chords played the basso continuo, such as a harpsichord, organ, or harp. Bass instruments, such as a cello or bassoon, might also be included.

What does basso continuo mean in English?

Also called: basso continuo, continuo. (esp during the baroque period) a bass part underlying a piece of concerted music. It is played on a keyboard instrument, usually supported by a cello, viola da gamba, etc. See also figured bass.

What does continuo mean in music?

Definition of continuo

: a bass part (as for a keyboard or stringed instrument) used especially in baroque ensemble music and consisting of a succession of bass notes with figures that indicate the required chords.

Why is the basso continuo known as figured bass?

Figured Bass

Basso continuo results from a composing style that was incredibly popular during the Baroque period. This style notated harmonies in an abbreviated way, using numbers, or figures. That's why the style is called figured bass. In figured bass, composers wrote out only the bass lines and melodies.

What is the basso continuo apex?

basso continuo. In the Baroque Era, instruments that accompanied a melodic line, at least one of which could play chords; the modern-day analogy in a band would be the bass guitar and the rhythm guitar backing up the lead guitarist. ornamentation.

Which are aspects of continuo music?

One of the main characteristics of music from this time is that there's usually a backing group in the orchestra. It's called the continuo, and typically consists of a harpsichord and a bass instrument, like a cello.

Which terms best describe the Baroque style?

Some of the qualities most frequently associated with the Baroque are grandeur, sensuous richness, drama, dynamism, movement, tension, emotional exuberance, and a tendency to blur distinctions between the various arts.

How would you describe the music of the Baroque style?

Baroque compositions also focused heavily on layered melodies, which meant that the same notes would often be repeated throughout a composition, albeit played by different musicians. As a result, music that was originally written to teach how to play an instrument soon was as popular as concert pieces.

What is figured bass quizlet appreciation?

Figured Bass. A musical notation using numbers to indicate chords or intervals or other aspects in relation to the Bass Note.

What is figured bass quizlet?

What is a figured bass? -Shorthand method of composing. -a bass line with the intended harmonies indicated by figures rather than written out as chords, typical of continuo parts in baroque music.

How have the performances of Baroque music changed in terms of tempo balance and timbre from the Baroque period to today?

How have the performances of Baroque music changed (in terms of tempi, balance and timbre) from the Baroque period to today? Answer: The performances of Baroque music used slower tempi, a similar balance and a flatter timbre.

What two instruments make up the basso continuo?

The basso continuo counts as ONE of the three parts of a trio sonata although it is comprised of TWO instruments. A basso continuo typically consists of a cello (or double bass) and organ or harpsichord.

How did the basso continuo help achieve the new Baroque ideal of expressive solo song?

The basso continuo offered the advantage of emphasizing the all-important bass part, besides providing a steady flow of chords. Practically, the use of numbers, rather than chords with all their notes written out, saved time for busy baroque composers.

When was the basso continuo common?

Basso continuo parts, almost universal in the Baroque era (1600–1750), provided the harmonic structure of the music. The phrase is often shortened to continuo, and the instrumentalists playing the continuo part, if more than one, are called the continuo group.

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