What are the arts and crafts of Laguna?

Aptly titled Laguna's Living Traditions, the exhibit features visual art depicting six traditional crafts from Laguna: wood sculpting, embroidery, fiber weaving, whittling, papier-mâché, and footwear-making.

What is Laguna known for arts?

Paete, Laguna is known for its generations of skilled artisans and their woodcarvings—from life-size statues of saints, to miniature sculptures and wall hangings. The town is also famous for its craft of colorful taka or papier-mache horses.

What are the arts and crafts of Cavite?

Two Caviteño traditional crafts: Agimat's amulets and charms; and the Hebron Brothers Cutlery's bolo knives for farming, gardening, and logging attracted a lot of interest.

What is the arts and crafts of Batangas?

From buli weaving in Isla Verde to balisong making and intricate embroidery in Taal to handmade paper crafts and sugarcane leaf décor in Tuy to handmade decorative candles in Calatagan to religious images in Santa Teresita, Batangas has so much to be proud of.

What are the well known Arts and crafts in Bulacan?

It is also known for excellent craftsmanship in making jewelries, leather crafts, buntal hats, pyrotechnics, bone in-laid furnitures and garments. Bulacan also has emerged into a reputable resort haven of Luzon.


What are the arts and crafts of Pampanga?

  • KURAN AT PASU (Sto. Tomas) ...
  • PUKPUK (Betis, Apalit) ...
  • DUKIT (Betis) ...
  • PARUL (San Fernando) ...
  • BURARUL (Angeles) ...
  • DASE (Candaba, San Luis, San Simon) ...
  • KUPIA (Apalit) ...
  • SANTOS (Betis, Macabebe, Bacolor, Apalit)

What are arts and crafts?

Arts and crafts comprise a whole host of activities and hobbies that are related to making things with one's own hands and skill. These can be sub-divided into handicrafts or "traditional crafts" (doing things the old way) and the rest.

What are the arts of Batangas?

The town of Taal, Batangas had a long tradition of hand embroidery since the turn of the century. Its intricate, well-embossed hand embroidery made it increasingly a refined art of society.

What is the product of Batangas?

Balisong is not just a pasalubong but also a form Batangueño craftsmanship. If there is a Batangas product that is true to Batangueño's form of being bold and brave, aside from kapeng barako, it is balisong also known as Batangas blade, butterfly knife, or pocket knife.

What handicraft is Batangas popularly known?

Tapang Taal

Tapang Taal is one of the most popular products and it is a must-try when you visit Taal Batangas. The best thing about having a delicacy or a dish that became a best-seller is the opportunity for the locals to have it as their own livelihood.

What are the product of Cavite?

Some of the major crops being produced in the province are rice, corn, coffee, coconuts, cut flowers and vegetables.

What is Cavite known for?

Cavite is known for its rich history and a large number of National Heroes. It is sometimes called "Land of the Brave" or the History Capital of the Philippines. Those who live in Cavite are called Caviteños.

What is the culture of Cavite?

Other traditions and celebrations in Cavite are: Mardicas, a war dance held in Ternate. Karakol street dance and fluvial procession in coastal towns. Sanghiyang, a precolonial ritual for thanksgiving and healing the sick.

What are the traditional folk arts?

May include intangible forms of expressive culture like dance, song, poetry, and foodways. Is traditional; it reflects shared cultural aesthetics and social issues. It is recognized that, as traditions are dynamic, traditional folk art may change over time and may include innovations in tradition.

What are the festivals in Laguna?

Listed below are some of the major festivals that happen in Laguna.
  • Anilag Festival. Every month of March, people in Sta. ...
  • Coconut Festival. ...
  • Pinya Festival. ...
  • Itik Festival. ...
  • Tsinelas Festival. ...
  • Batingaw Festival. ...
  • Sambalilo Festival. ...
  • Kawayan Festival.

Where is wood carving capital of the Philippines?

Paete, a fourth-class municipality (population: 25,096 as of 2015) in Laguna province, was proclaimed the Carving Capital of the Philippines in 2005. It derived its name from the Tagalog word “paet,” or chisel.

What originated in Batangas?

Batangas first came to be known as Bonbon. It was named after the mystical and fascinating Taal Lake, which was also originally called Bonbon.

What resources are available in Batangas?

The province is also rich in metallic and non-metallic deposits such as gold, copper, limestone, clay, gypsum and barite.

What is unique in Batangas?

Batangas is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Metro Manila. It is home to the well-known Taal Volcano, one of the Decade Volcanoes, and Taal Heritage town, a small town that has ancestral houses and structures dating back to the 19th century.

What is the knife famous in Taal Laguna?

The butterfly knife, sometimes referred to as Batangas blade, is a lethal weapon that in the hands of a skilled professional can be opened faster, than a western switchblade. Perfecto de Leon introduced the knife in 1905 where most of the butterfly knives originated from barrio Balisong Taal, Batangas.

What is the traditional art of leaf folding?

Palihang Likha-an features the Philippine art and tradition of leaf folding.

Who started embroidery in the Philippines?

Embroidery was introduced to the Philippines by Spanish nuns. These nuns were brought to the Philippines during the colonial era when the islands were...

What are the arts and crafts in the Philippines?

Traditional arts like weaving, metal smith, pottery, woodcarving and gold smith are famous all over the country and are valued both by the locals and tourists. The valuable ornate carvings are a specialty in the southern Philippine Islands.

What are the arts and crafts of Mindoro?

Mindoro Arts and Crafts
  • Mangyan Iraya Tribe weaving Nito Plates. ...
  • Mangyan Basket Weaver. ...
  • Iraya Mangyan weavers at work. ...
  • Mangyan Handicraft Display Center. ...
  • Mangyan Handicrafts. ...
  • Mangyan Kid from Iraya Tribe. ...
  • Nito Weave Decorative Jars. ...
  • Mangyan Traditional House.

How many arts and crafts are there?

Textile, Decorative, Paper, Functional, and Fashion Crafts

Crafting includes a variety of art forms, from sculpture and metalwork to knitting and printing. These crafts can all be divided into five basic types based on their form and purpose: textile, decorative, paper, functional, and fashion crafts.

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