Is Aurelius Dumbledore Aberforth?

Aurelius was an illegitimate child of Aberforth's. His mother is killed, and as a result Aberforth is unable to care for his son. Credence is taken to America and put up for adoption, a fact known to no one but Leta Lestrange (Zoe Kravitz).

Is Aberforth Dumbledore Credence?

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore revealed Credence was really Aurelius Dumbledore, Aberforth'sestranged son, turning a hated plot twist into a good story.

Is Credence actually Aberforth?

"The Secrets of Dumbledore" circumvents the timeline issues by revealing that Credence — or rather, Aurelius — isn't Albus' brother. He's Aberforth's son, which makes him Albus' nephew.

Is Aurelius the brother of Dumbledore?

Once there, Grindelwald reveals Credence's true identity to him: He is Aurelius Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore's brother. Now, here's where things get a bit tricky. As we know from the Harry Potter series, Dumbledore had two younger siblings who were known to the public, his brother Aberforth and sister Ariana.

Who is Aurelius Dumbledore's?

Credence Barebone (born Aurelius Dumbledore, c. spring 1900) was an English-born American half-blood wizard who lived during the 20th century. He was adopted by Mary Lou Barebone, the leader of a No-Maj anti-witchcraft group called the New Salem Philanthropic Society.

Aurelius Dumbledore Identity EXPLAINED | Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

Is Aurelius Dumbledore Tom Riddle?

With his dark hair and features, Aurelius Dumbledore is extremely unlikely to be part of the pure-blood Malfoy line. Voldemort is also not the child of Grindelwald, since his father is famously known to be Tom Riddle.

Who killed Aurelius Dumbledore?

While she originally said in an interview that Dumbledore was around 150 years old when he died, we know from Pottermore that he was actually around 115 years old when Snape fired the killing curse at him on top of Hogwarts' astronomy tower.

What house is Aberforth Dumbledore?

12 Albus Dumbledore - Gryffindor

Because of the tendency for families to all be sorted into the same house, it's possible Aberforth was also a Gryffindor, although his behavior (and reticence to fight) suggests otherwise.

Is Bellatrix related to Leta Lestrange?

Funnily enough, the most famous Lestrange is one only by marriage, and despite really adorable Instagram photos that make us wish it so, there is no blood relation between Leta and Bellatrix whatsoever. At most, Leta and Rodolphus Lestrange (Bellatrix's husband) are very distant cousins.

How did Nagini meet Voldemort?

It is worth noting that she knew Voldemort when he killed Bertha Jorkins in Albania. As she had the name of Nagini before she permanently became a snake, it is possible that Voldemort met or acquired her before her permanent transformation, or found out her name through Parseltongue.

Is Aurelius Aberforth son?

Aurelius was an illegitimate child of Aberforth's. His mother is killed, and as a result Aberforth is unable to care for his son.

Is Credence Ariana Dumbledore's son?

But Dumbledore's mother Kendra died in an “explosion” in the summer of 1899 when her daughter, Ariana, lost control of her magic. There's seemingly no way Kendra Dumbledore gave birth to Credence nine years after she died.

Who did Aberforth have a child with?

Aurelius Dumbledore/Credence Barebone - the son of Aberforth who was adopted by Mary Lou Barebone and did not discover he was a Dumbledore until over twenty years later.

Is Aberforth Dumbledore powerful?

Though he did not have his brother Albus' prestigious gifts, Aberforth was still a Dumbledore and thus a very talented and powerful wizard.

How did Grindelwald know Credence is a Dumbledore?

At the end of the last film, Grindelwald gave Credence a wand to channel his magic and revealed that he is actually Aurelius Dumbledore.

Is Credence Snape's grandfather?

Credence Isn't Voldemort's Dad But He Could Be Snape's Grandpa. Before Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out, it seemed like the story's only real Potter connection would be Newt Scamander's relation to Luna Lovegood and a Dumbledore name-drop.

Who was the baby in crimes of Grindelwald?

Corvus Lestrange Jr. was with his non-mother on a different lifeboat, and that lifeboat sank, killing Corvus Lestrange Jr. The baby Leta had, the one that was given up for adoption, was Credence.

Why is Lestrange Black?

The Lestrange family is tied to the Blacks by blood and reputation. Although we don't know much about Leta Lestrange save that she was once close with Newt and she was a “taker” where he needs a “giver,” it's reasonable to assume she was a Slytherin.

Is nagini from Grindelwald Voldemort's snake?

Nagini is portrayed by Claudia Kim in "Crimes of Grindelwald." Courtesy of Warner Bros. J.K. Rowling recently gave more insight into the backstory of Nagini, Voldemort's snake in "Harry Potter" who appears as a woman in the prequel series, "Fantastic Beasts."

Did Aberforth survive?

Aberforth survived the final battle of the Second Wizarding War. After Voldemort's defeat, he returned to his former life, "still at the Hog's Head, playing with his goats."

What is Aberforth's Patronus?

Aberforth Dumbledore – Goat

Meanwhile, Aberforth's Patronus was a goat, which he summoned outside the Hog's Head in an attempt to trick the Death Eaters that they'd seen a goat, rather than Harry's stag.

Who killed Grindelwald?

Fifty-three years after his defeat, Grindelwald was slain in his prison cell by Lord Voldemort, who was searching for the Elder Wand for himself. It was only during the confrontation in Grindelwald's cell that Voldemort learned Albus Dumbledore had claimed the wand long ago.

Is Newt Scamander rich?

5 Newt Scamander

It is noted that money was a major incentive for Newt Scamander to take up the job of writing the first edition of the book. Plus the fact that he was an expert Magizoologist and worked for the Ministry of Magic makes him one of the richest Hufflepuff members known to fans.

Why does Queenie go with Grindelwald?

While initially on the same side as her sister Tina and friend, later brother-in-law Newt Scamander, Queenie was ultimately swayed to join Gellert Grindelwald's side with the offer to be free to love and marry her No-Maj boyfriend Jacob Kowalski, as well as the offer to provide his freedom to others.

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