Is all Instax Mini film the same?

All Fujifilm Instax Mini instant cameras use the same size film. This includes the Instax Mini 90, Mini 70, Mini, 40, Mini 7s, Mini 8, Mini 9, Mini 11, Mini Liplay, and more. There are even some portable printers that connect to your smartphone that use Instax Mini instant film.

Do the Instax Mini 9 and 11 use the same film?

The camera uses the same instant film cartridges as other Instax Mini cameras, creating prints that are 3.4 by 2.1 inches (86 by 54 millimeters), though the actual image size is 2.4 by 1.8 inches (62 by 46 mm). The Mini 11 is fairly compact as well, with a rounder, softer look than the Mini 9.

Can you use different film in Fujifilm Instax?

The only kind of Polaroid film that works with Instax is the Polaroid 300 film. It has been specifically designed for use with Polaroid 300 and Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras. Other types of Polaroid film are not compatible.

Is Instax Mini 8 and 9 film the same?

Not only do they share the same friendly, almost toy-like design, but the brightness settings, lens and film are also identical.

Are the Instax Mini 9 and 11 the same size?

In addition to being a little lighter than the Mini 9 (293g vs 307g with the batteries, strap and film), it is also thinner (107.6mm vs 116mm) and taller (121.2mm vs 118.3mm). The depth is more or less the same (67.3mm vs 68.2mm).

What happens when you remove your instax film cartridge?

What film does Instax Mini 11 use?

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 still uses packs of Fuji's credit card-sized Instax Mini film, which is some of the most affordable instant film around. Each pack holds ten 54 x 86mm shots, which have a rectangular 46 x 62mm (2.4 x 1.8-inch) image area.

Which Instax Mini is better 9 or 11?

The Instax Mini 11 is a significant upgrade over the Mini 9. It offers more features, more versatile shooting capabilities and yet is easier to use.

Do all Polaroids take the same film?

The important thing to remember is that not all instant films are the same, so Polaroid film will not work with Instax cameras – and even within the same camera brand, not all film is compatible.

Is Instax film Universal?

All Fujifilm Instax Mini instant cameras use the same size film. This includes the Instax Mini 90, Mini 70, Mini, 40, Mini 7s, Mini 8, Mini 9, Mini 11, Mini Liplay, and more.

What film does the Instax Mini 7S use?

FUJIFILM instax mini 7S Overview

Unlike other models however, the mini 7S uses instax mini film cartridges for pocket-friendly, credit card-sized images. Bring back the fun of instant photos!

What is the difference between Instax and Instax Mini?

The most notable difference between the cameras is the size of film they use. The Instax SQ1 prints large, square photos, 1.5 times the size of the Mini 11's photos. Mini 11 pictures are close in size to a business card, and will easily fit in your wallet. The build of each camera reflects their differing photo sizes.

What size is Instax Mini film?

Credit-Card Size - 5.4 x 8.6 cm (film size) - The unique credit-card sized film is easy to carry in your purse or wallet and has that classic white frame that you can leave blank or personalize with fun messages.

Is Instax Mini 11 worth buying?

But, if you're after character, simplicity and most of all fun, then the Instax Mini 11 is unbeatable for the money and a recommended buy. Its ease of use means that pretty much anyone can get up and running within seconds, making it a great option for social situations and kids.

Does Fuji Instax film work in Polaroid?

The Instax instant films cannot be used in the old Polaroid cameras. First, the formats (sizes) are different and second, the way Instax films work is different. The only possibility, apart from old Polaroid films, for Polaroid 600, SX-70 or Image/Spectra cameras are the films from Polaroid Originals.

Can you use Polaroid film in a Fujifilm camera?

Polaroid film does not fit the Fuji camera.

Does Instax film expire?

Instant film is good for 2 – 3 years after expiration (or production date for Polaroid) but degrades the quickest of all film produced. Polaroid and Fujifilm Instax both suggest that their films should be used one year after the expiration or production date printed on the box.

What size film does the Instax Mini 9 take?

Film is 2.13" x 3.4" (film size) and Printed Image size: 2.5 x 1.8" (Printed Size) Fujifilm Instax Mini Film is compatible with the following Fujifilm models: Instax Mini 9.

How many Instax Mini cameras are there?

Currently, B&H offers four distinct instax mini models, three of which are available with color choices. In order of their complexity, from very simple to quite simple, there is the instax mini 8, with a range of candy-color options, the instax mini 25, the instax mini 70 and the instax mini 90 Neo Classic.

Does Instax Mini come with film?

Fujifilm - instax mini 11 Instant Film Camera - Ice White

A: No, it does not come with film. A: Every shot results in a photo but there is a little mirror where you can see yourself.

Can Instax Mini 11 save pictures?

This camera lacks some of the features found on its competitors. For example, you can't save your photo onto a memory card, so you won't have a digital copy, and there's no LCD screen to compose shots in all lights. As it takes Fujifilm Instax Mini film, the cost per print is quite high – from 75p a print.

When did instax 11 come out?

The Instax Mini 11 is an analog instant film camera designed, developed, marketed, and sold by Fujifilm. The Instax camera is the successor to the Instax Mini 9 and was released in March 2020.

What is the newest version of Instax Mini?

Fujifilm has announced the newest addition to the Instax Mini line of instant cameras, the Mini 40. Much like the Instax Mini 11, which was released last March, the Mini 40 is an entry-level instant film camera with only two settings and two buttons.

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