How much is the Golden Guinea 2 coin worth?

Collector Value: £2.77 is a mid-point price for 2013 Anniversary of the Guinea £2 coins marked as sold on eBay UK. The price range for a good condition circulated example of this £2 coin is between £2.62 and £2.86.

Is the Golden Guinea 2 coin worth anything?

How much is the Guinea 2 pound coin worth? Guinea £2 Coin value eBay. Good condition circulated examples of this coin are currenly selling on eBay for between £2.62 and £2.86.

How much is a two pound coin worth with the anniversary of the Golden Guinea?

The 2013 Anniversary of the Guinea design is the nineteenth rarest £2 coin in circulation and has a value of 2 pounds, but collectors of coins currently pay £2.75* to own this coin.

How much is the anniversary of the Golden Guinea 2013 worth?

The 2013 anniversary golden guinea coin's value depends on specific attributes of the coin itself. Because these coins are part of a special anniversary release, they typically are valued slightly higher than their legal face value of 2 pounds. They fetch roughly 2.7-3 pounds for a typical coin in circulated condition.

What is the rarest 2 pound coin?

There are an estimated 417 million 2-pound coins presently in circulation, representing 37 different designs. The rarest of these are the 2-pound coins minted in 2002 that celebrate the 2002 Commonwealth Games and bear the flag of Northern Island. Only 485,500 of these coins were ever minted.


Which 2 coins are worth a lot of money?

Here's which coins came up trumps and how much circulated versions - the ones cropping up in your change - have recently sold for on eBay.
  • 2002 Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland - £51. ...
  • 2002 Commonwealth Games Scotland - £31. ...
  • Olympic handover - £41. ...
  • 2002 Commonwealth Games Wales - £36. ...
  • 2002 Commonwealth Games England - £29.

How much is the Peter Rabbit 50p worth?

Celebrating Beatrix Potter's first Children's Book there were 9.7 Million Peter Rabbit 50p Coins minted in 2016. If you own the Peter Rabbit 50p coin it's currently worth £3.50.

What is a Guinea 2 coin?

£2: Guinea

The coin earned its name from the West African country where much of the gold used in its production was mined from. This is the first time the Royal Mint has used one coin to commemorate another, with the reverse featuring an interpretation of the original 'Spade Guinea' design.

How much is a two guinea piece worth?

Two Guineas is a Gold coin first minted in 1664, it had a nominal value of forty Shillings and was originally known as a forty-Shilling piece. It was later called a Double-Guinea, which was then worth forty-two Shillings after the Proclamation of 1717 finally settled the value of a Guinea.

How much is the St Paul's Cathedral 2 coin worth?

For valuation purposes, the St Pauls £2 is known as a Face Value (FV) coin, as the collector value is close the the coin face value of 2 pounds when selling costs are taken into account.

How rare is a Sherlock Holmes 50p?

How rare is the Sherlock Holmes 50p? In short, the Sherlock Holmes 50p isn't very rare. According to Change Checker the Sherlock Holmes 50p has a circulating mintage of 8,602,000. That's means there are almost 8.4 million more knocking about than the official rarest 50p coin, the Kew Gardens 50p.

What 50p coins are rare?

Top 10 most valuable 50p coins
  • Kew Gardens (2009), 210,000.
  • Olympic Wrestling (2011), 1,129,500.
  • Olympic Football (2011), 1,161,500.
  • Olympic Judo (2011), 1,161,500.
  • Olympic Triathlon (2011), 1,163,500.
  • Peter Rabbit (2018), 1,400,000.
  • Flopsy Bunny (2018), 1,400,000.
  • Olympic Tennis (2011), 1,454,000.

What makes the Battle of Hastings 50p rare?

There are 6,700,000 Battle of Hastings 50ps in circulation according to Change Checker. In comparison, there's around 200 million regular 50ps, so the rare design only makes up a fraction. It sits in 49th place out of the coin experts' 71 rarest that are ranked - with a score of just two as well.

Is Benjamin Britten 50p worth anything?

As the coin itself states, the legal Benjamin Britten 50p value is simply 50 pence. However, when sold as a collectible, you may find that a Benjamin Britten 50p worth is not the same as its value in legal tender. The price of a Benjamin Britten 50p on eBay is highly subjective.

What are 1807 2 pound coins worth?

A normal, circulated 1807 2 pound coin is only worth its £2 face value. Coin collectors, or numismatics, are always looking for rare examples of common circulation coins. Coins with errors are usually scarce, and will often have a higher value as a result.

Is the Golden guinea 2 coin rare?

How rare is this coin? Scarcity: 2,990,000 Guinea £2 coins were minted showing the date(s) 2013. The coins entered circulation and can be received as change today, accounting for about 1 in 200 of the two pound coins in circulation.

How much is a guinea worth in 2020?

Since British currency was decimalised on 15th February 1971, the Guinea has no longer been accepted as legal tender. The term is still used in certain circles such as horse racing to describe values equivalent to one pound and one shilling, or £1.05 in modern currency.

Is a guinea worth more than a pound?

A guinea was worth £1,1s (one pound and one shilling). This is the same as £1.05 in modern money.

How much is the First World War 2 coin?

How Much is the First World War 2 Pound Coin Worth? The Royal Mint issued 5.7 million of the First World War Outbreak coins, making it a very common coin to find. EBay's highest sold listing has a circulation version of it for £7.99, as of 2019.

Is the Tom Kitten 50p worth anything?

FINDING a rare coin down the back of the sofa is exciting, but it could also leave you much better off. A collector's edition of the Tom Kitten 50p coin recently sold for £89.95, but even a circulated one can be sold for almost eight times its face value.

How much is a Paddington Bear 50p worth?

Paddington Bear Tower of London 50p, 2019

Each one shows Paddington at a different London location - and the 'Paddington at the Tower' 50p is one of the most common, with 9 million made. However that didn't stop one of the coins selling for £10,000 on eBay this month.

How much is Mrs Tiggy Winkle 50p worth?

If you find a Mrs Tiggy-Winkle in good condition, it's unlikely to make you a fortune. In fact, it's only like to fetch you around £1.23 to £1.69, based on the listings we've seen. it might be worth around £1.23-£1.69.

What are the 10 rarest 2 coins?

Plus Change Checker revealed that the top 10 rarest £2 coins are:
  • Commonwealth Games Scotland (82)
  • 2015 First World War - Navy (74)
  • Olympic Handover (69)
  • London 2012 Handover (61)
  • Olympic Centenary (61)
  • King James Bible (51)
  • Mary Rose (45)
  • Magna Carta (43)

What is the rarest coin in the UK?

The famous 2009 Kew Gardens 50p remains the most coveted coin in circulation, with a mintage of just 210,000. Other rare designs include the 2011 Olympic 50p's and the highly collectable Peter Rabbit 2018 coins.

What is the rarest coin?

1. 1849 Double Eagle Gold Coin. With just one coin currently in existence, the gold 1849 Double Eagle is considered the rarest and most valuable coin in U.S. history. It's one of just two trial pieces that marked the era of the $20 coins, which were nicknamed Double Eagles.

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