How many IG users are there?

In 2021, there were 1.21 billion monthly active users of Meta's Instagram, making up over 28 percent of the world's internet users.

How many users does Instagram have 2020?

1. As of January 2020, there are nearly 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. 1 Billion is a big number, and it positions Instagram behind Facebook (2.8 billion) but ahead of most other social network sites, including Twitter (which has a “reachable” audience of 353 million) and Pinterest (459 million).

How many users are there on Instagram 2021?

There are 1.074 billion Instagram users worldwide in 2021. The average post on Instagram contains 10.7 hashtags. 71% of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram app are under the age of 35.

How many people use IG in the world?

Instagram users

With roughly one billion monthly active users, Instagram belongs to the most popular social networks worldwide. The social photo sharing app is especially popular in India and in the United States, which have respectively 201 million and 157 million Instagram users each.

How many Instagram users are there 2022?

The latest reports show that there are now 1.393 billion active users on Instagram each month in 2022, which means that it continues to be one of the quickest growing platforms. However, there are reports that the figure is far higher, and actually exceeds 2 billion monthly users.

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How many TikTok users are there?

TikTok is available in over 150 countries, has over 1 billion users, and has been downloaded over 200 million times in the United States alone.

How many active users does TikTok?

TikTok global monthly active users 2018-2021

In September 2021, social video app TikTok reported 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, representing a 45 percent growth compared to the previously reported figure of 689 million MAU in July 2020. TikTok is one of the biggest social networks worldwide.

Is Instagram becoming less popular?

Instagram is slowly dying. A 2021 survey from financial services firm Piper Sandler found that only 22 percent of teenagers said Instagram was their favorite social media platform, coming in third after Snapchat and TikTok.

Which country use most Instagram?

List of Top Countries With the Most Instagram Users:
  • The United States is ranked as the top country with a total of 110 million Instagram active users and a 34% penetration rate.
  • Brazil comes in second place with 57 million active Instagram users and a 27% penetration rate.

How much does Instagram earn per day?

Most micro-influencers who have 5-10k followers make an average of ₹6,531 per post. Creators with 50,000 to 80,000 followers usually charge around ₹14,843 per post and as you move higher up the ladder creators with 250,000 to 500,000 followers charge around ₹49,725 per post.

Is Instagram growing faster than Facebook?

If paid reach is part of your social media strategy, it's worth noting that Instagram's ad reach is skyrocketing past Facebook's right now. Facebook's global advertising reach only increased by 6.5% this year, while Instagram's grew by 20.5%.

How much is Instagram worth?

"Influencer Marketing 2019 Industry Benchmarks." Bloomberg. "Instagram Is Estimated to Be Worth More Than $100 Billion."

How does Instagram make money?

It is almost like YouTube or TikTok but has a different positioning than both. However, Instagram monetizes this platform just like YouTube – through ads; and sharing the revenue with the creators.

How long will Instagram last?

While Instagram isn't going away anytime soon — it still has over one billion daily active users — if Myspace taught us anything, it's that when the world's biggest social media site collapses, it effectively does so overnight.

Which is the most popular social media?

What is the most popular social media platform worldwide? Market leader Facebook was the first social network to surpass one billion registered accounts and currently sits at more than 2.89 billion monthly active users.

How many users are on Snapchat?

As of the first quarter of 2022, Snapchat has 332 million daily active users worldwide. This is an increase from the third quarter in 2021, which had 306 million.

Who is the number 1 most-followed person on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo has one of the most popular Instagram accounts as of May 2022. He is the most-followed person on the photo sharing app platform with 440.41 million followers. Instagram's own account was ranked first with roughly 504 million followers.

Which country use TikTok most?

As of 2020, TikTok counted an estimated 65.9 million monthly active users in the United States. Indonesia had the second largest user base during this period, with over 22 million monthly active users. Russia and Japan followed, with 16.4 million and 12.6 million monthly active users, respectively.

Who uses Instagram the most age?

25–34-year-olds make up the age group with the most Instagram users at 31.2% (Statista, 2021). According to the statistics, 18–24-year-olds are the second most populous group in the Instagram usage world. 65+ year-olds make up the least number of Instagram users at only 2.2%.

What is replacing Instagram?

Five of the best Instagram alternatives
  1. EyeEm. EyeEm is a bustling community with over 22 million users. ...
  2. 500px. 500px is a social media network truly dedicated to the “social” side of things. ...
  3. VSCO. VSCO offers a number of features similar to Instagram. ...
  4. Steller. Steller is a unique app that focuses on storytelling.

Is Instagram a dying app?

Instagram as a company won't die, your ability to reach people organically on it will. Let's get one thing clear… Instagram as a company and product isn't really dying. They are still growing, capturing our attention, and making money from it.

Is TikTok dying?

Unless there is a huge change to TikTok's design, it seems like it's not going anywhere. Perhaps, a completely new form of content creation will arise and threaten the platform's popularity, but even then, TikTok will still have many desirable features.

How many FB users are there?

How many users does Facebook have? With roughly 2.93 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2022, Facebook is the most used online social network worldwide.

How many YouTube users are there?

As of 2021, there was an estimate of 2.24 billion YouTube users worldwide.

How many twitter users are there?

Number of Twitter Users 2022/2023: Demographics, Breakdowns & Predictions. How many Twitter users are there? Twitter has some 330 million monthly active users (MAU) based on its last reported data that leveraged this metric in the 1st quarter of 2019.

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