How many hours does Levi sleep?

the source of miracles — Since Levi only sleeps about 2-3 hours a night,...

Does Levi get sleep?

Levi only gets 2-3 hours asleep so spends his time watching Eren sleep Ereri headcanon. Attack On Titan.

Does Levi drink alcohol?

Maybe it's just an indication of how powerful Levi is, or maybe it's some of the Titan DNA that's in his bloodline, but despite the fact that Levi drinks alcohol for celebrations and the like when the situation warrants it, he never actually gets drunk.

What does Levi do in his spare time?

What does Levi do in his spare time? In a Q&A with creator Isayama, it is stated that Levi likes to read and clean in his spare time.

Is Levi disabled?

His injuries leave him permanently wheelchair-bound and he is attended to by Gabi and Falco." You can change it for example to "Three years later, we see Levi in a wheelchair (possibly due to severe injuries), with Falco helping him and Gabi, and Onyankopon walking in front of them."

levi comfort audio/sleep aid |cadet gets abused|

Does Levi lose a leg?

Levi was severely injured after Zeke blew himself up with a Thunder Spear. As the blast blew him away, he was left in a horrific state and lost many of his fingers. More so, during the final battle to stop the Rumbling, Levi loses the use of his legs whilst still healing from his prior injuries.

Can Levi move his legs?

I've seen people confused on how Levi was able to cross his leg while being in a wheelchair. But what they don't realize is it was his left leg that was bitten in Ch. 135. So, he may not be able to use his left leg anymore but is able to move his right leg just fine.

Is Captain Levi a virgin?

Even if for some strange and sad reason LeviHan DOESN'T become canon, Levi is canonically a virgin most likely due to the fact that he loves his cleanliness and would probably be uncomfortable by participating in sexual activities, especially if he's just impregnating every woman that he comes across!

What is Levi Ackerman's type of girl?

Levi would openly get into a romantic relationship—which means chances of him initiating it is high—if the love interest stems from his childhood, earlier years, or if it's someone he's known for long enough. His ideal partner would be someone who's, of course, mature and can handle themself well on their own.

Is Levi Ackerman abusive?

Levi is not abusive. However, he is violent when he deems it necessary. His violent actions usually always lend to reason, however. He doesn't just kick this hell out of people for no reason or out of sick enjoyment.

Are the Ackermans Titans?

Sadly, for King Fritz, the Ackermans were immune to the power of the Founding Titan, a result of the experiments thousands of years ago. Instead of humans or Titan shifters, the Ackermans were a group in-between.

Why is Levi so short?

The reason why Levi Ackerman is so short is that when he was a child, Levi was extremely malnourished. Apart from that, since he spent most of his childhood in the Underground, Levi lacked access to direct sunlight, limiting his vitamin D intake, which is crucial for his physical development.

Does Levi sleep in a chair?

Because of his insomnia, Levi also views sleeping as a "nonevent" — so much so that he doesn't bother with a bed or pajamas. Apparently, he often sleeps in his chair and doesn't concern himself with changing clothes for the occasion.

Who is Levi's love interest in AOT?

Another one of Levi Ackerman's love interests is Petra, whose father decided to marry her to him after knowing her feelings toward him.

Does Levi Ackerman like cats?

Levi wasn't a big fan of dogs. He was a cat lover through and through. (Y/N) guessed it stemmed from the fact that he championed cleanliness and dogs were known to get pretty dirty at times. He was adamant of not having a dog as a pet and (y/n) respected that no matter how much it hurted her.

What would Levi smell like?

First of all, merfolk don't sweat, they don't have sweat glands, so they don't really have their “own” scent. BUT in his case, Levi smells like an odd combination of: salt water and minerals, an inevitable tinge of fish; like a good shrimp cocktail with tomato juice, slightly sweet but still savory.

Is Levi Ackerman emotional?

Levi is actually the most emotional character compared to the other characters in SNK. He refuses to show his emotions to his friends by trying to look like a cold-hearted and a reckless man.

Is Levi happy in the end?

Levi's ending and its meaning

In the final scenes of Attack on Titan, Levi is seen living in Marley. He's wheelchair-bound and escorted around a city by Falco and Gabi. Levi is implied to live out the rest of his life in a strange, foreign country, his friends either dead or an ocean away.

Is Levi right handed?

Yes, he did throw a left hook before, but I've seen Levi lift his teacup with his right hand, so… yeah. You can easily use both hands to drink something, so I'd rather pay attention to the hand he uses to hold his spoon while he's eating.

Does Levi like cleaning?

Captain Levi Ackerman is an intense and unforgiving person, and he demands the best not only out of himself but all of the Scouts. He looked up to Erwin Smith and has respect for Mikasa Ackerman, and he also has respect for a neat and tidy room. No clutter or dust can survive Levi's wrath.

Does Levi lose a eye?

After a close-encounter explosion from a Thunder Spear set off by Zeke Yeager, Levi now has several scars across his face including one across his right eye and is missing both the index and middle fingers on his right hand.

How can I be like Levi?

If you want to imitate this character, check out these steps on how to become like Levi Ackerman!
  1. Make Sure You're Within His Height.
  2. Have a Curtain Haircut.
  3. Speak in Deeper Voice.
  4. Rarely Show Any Emotion!
  5. Be a Clean Freak.

Who is Levi Ackerman girlfriend?

Petra Ral (ペトラ・ラル Petora Raru?) was an Eldian who served as a hand-picked soldier of the Survey Corps by Levi Ackerman placed in the Special Operations Squad.

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