How far should a soil pipe be from the wall?

How far should the toilet waste pipe be from the wall? This is called your 'toilet rough-in' distance, meaning the distance from the wall to the centre of the waste pipe. Most toilets have a rough-in of 12 inches, although older homes can have 10 or 14 inches.

How far should the toilet pipe be from the wall?

The Distance To Set The Toilet Flange From The Back Wall. You'll want to set the center of the water closet flange 12 inches from the finished back wall.

Where should a soil pipe be placed?

It is always placed above the highest waste water inlet into the pipe. A vent is usually located above the roof, so odours and gases can escape harmlessly without causing a nuisance to the property occupiers or neighbours.

What is the correct fall for soil pipe?

What is the recommended fall for a soil pipe? The minimum fall for a waste pipe is 1 in 40. The maximum fall is 1 in 110 (apart from vertical pipes but that's a different story). So pipes with a gradient between 1 in 40 and 1 in 110 should have adequate flow to prevent blockages from occurring.

How far can toilet be from soil pipe UK?

IIRC it is permissible (but inadvisable) to go as low as 18mm per metre, the maximum is 90mm per metre. As long as the pipe have at least 15% downhill slop from Toilet to main waste pipe it would be ok. Any distance up to 3m do not require extra joining points as standard 4inch waste pipe is 3m long.


Can you have a toilet without a soil pipe?

No drainage pipe necessary: As there is the ability to drain the toilet from any location, you can put a toilet anywhere in your domestic property with no extension pipe. This could be a cellar, loft, attic space or anywhere else. Hygienic: Macerator toilets are highly recommended for their level of hygiene.

Does a soil pipe have to be vertical?

The most important bit of obvious advice ever: soil and waste pipes need to be on a downhill gradient! The "fall" or "drop" should be between 1/40 (1cm down for every 40cm across) and 1/110. Too steep (1/10) then the water runs quicker than the solids so doesn't wash them away (ugh!).

What is the minimum depth for a soil pipe?

Pipes should be either:

bedded on granular material, minimum 100mm deep, or. laid directly on the trench bottom, where the trench bottom can be accurately hand trimmed with a shovel but is not so soft that it puddles when walked on.

Does soil pipe need vent?

Soil vent pipes are a critical part of any drainage system. Without a vented pipe, a vacuum would build up behind the wastewater as it moves down the pipe. This would force the water out of u-bends, in turn allowing foul odours and gases to enter the property.

Can you have a bend in a soil pipe?

Bends. Bends at the base of stacks should be of long radius. Two 45° bends may be used as an alternative.

Can soil pipe vent in loft?

Soil Vent Pipe Venting Into Loft

Yep, the soil pipe is the one you're thinking of. The ventilation for the waste from your toilet. Yuck. This large, grey pipe is supposed to reach your roof or an external wall and be vented to the outside air.

Does soil pipe have to be above roof?

What is the minimum requirement for a soil vent above the window or roof. The minimum a soil pipe should be above an opening area is 100mm. The reason for this is so than there are no foul or gas entering the house so that there are no illnesses occurring.

Can a soil vent pipe be horizontal?

Can Vent Pipeline be Horizontal? There is no problem with running your vent pipes horizontally as long as you remember that there should be a minimum clearance of 6 inches above the spill line.

How close can a toilet be to a wall UK?

The minimum side distance allowed from the centre of the toilet bowl to a wall is 15 inches 12 inches to a bathtub, and clearance from the front of a bowl to a wall or fixture should be 21 inches.

Why is my toilet so far from the wall?

That means your flange was set at a distance further from the wall than even the 13" you measured. A 14" toilet might work, but a simpler and much cheaper fix would be to install an offset toilet flange.

How high should a soil pipe be?

Soil pipe installation regulations

Soil pipe Building Regulations state that the soil pipe is always placed above the highest water inlet into the pipe, and that the opening of ventilating pipes should be at least 900mm above any window in a dwelling that is within three metres of the pipe.

Does every toilet need a soil stack?

As the new w.c. appears to be at the head of a single line the answer is yes. The purpose of a vent stack is to save the trap from being pulled out with the outflow with the resulting problem of drain stench in the toilet. It stops a syphon from forming.

What happens if toilet is not vented?

Poorly-vented drain lines will not be able to effectively move wastewater and solid waste out of your building. This could lead to problems such as overflowing drains, backed-up toilets, and similar plumbing issues.

How deep are sewage pipes buried UK?

between 75 cm and 135 cm deep from the finished ground level. The minimum depth is to ensure frost protection (under normal UK conditions) and the maximum depth is to ensure reasonable access for repairs.

How deep should drainage pipe be buried?

Maintaining a depth of 12 to 18 inches is best for drain pipes, but the depth of the pipe may vary in order to maintain a downward slope, which is critical for proper drain functioning.

Can GREY water go into soil pipe?

If your soil pipe is already under the floor boards, then you should be able to connect your 40mm grey water pipes into it internally, i.e. you don't have height/fall limitations.

How far above the roof should a vent pipe be?

Unless a roof is to be used for any purpose other than weather protection, extensions of vent pipes through a roof should be terminated at least 12 inches above the roof. The vent should be extended at least seven feet above the roof if it is to be used for something other than weather protection.

How far should a soil vent be from a window?

According to Part H building regs the soil vent pipe needs to finish 900mm above any window within 3m of the pipe. The window will definately be within 3m of the pipe but extending the soil pipe 900mm above the top of the window would obviously look obsurd.

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