How do you compliment a picture?

How to Compliment a Girl's Picture
  1. Say there's something special about her.
  2. Compare her to something beautiful.
  3. Mention something that reminded you of her.
  4. Tell her you've been thinking about her picture all day.
  5. Tell her how much you love her smile.
  6. Talk about her eyes.
  7. Praise how healthy her skin looks.

How do you compliment a photo?

Compliment Words for Photos – How to Compliment a Photo

You did an amazing job; we love your work so much. We asked for (4)… A good photo photo is so much more than just that. It captures You guys take amazing pictures all the guys on track really appreciate what you guys do.

How do you comment on someone's photo?

Here are some exciting compliments that will leave him thinking of your the whole day.
  1. You are outstanding.
  2. You shine brighter than my future.
  3. Your smile makes me happy.
  4. My dream came true.
  5. Your love is divine.
  6. Hey! ...
  7. You always rock my world.
  8. Your surprising look sweeps me off my feet every time.

What are some nice compliments?

Complimenting Positivity
  • Your smile is contagious.
  • I bet you make babies smile.
  • You have the best laugh.
  • You light up the room.
  • You have a great sense of humor.
  • If cartoon bluebirds were real, a couple of 'em would be sitting on your shoulders singing right now.
  • You're like sunshine on a rainy day.

How do you give a beautiful compliment?

100 compliments ready to deliver right this minute
  1. You're an awesome friend.
  2. You're a gift to those around you.
  3. You're a smart cookie.
  4. You are awesome!
  5. You have impeccable manners.
  6. I like your style.
  7. You have the best laugh.
  8. I appreciate you.

5 Compliments That Make Women Melt

How do you compliment a girl's picture?

Cute Comments For Girls Pic
  1. You are so cute.
  2. Your beauty is irresistible!
  3. You look energetic.
  4. Impressive image.
  5. You look strong and safe.
  6. This photo is on!
  7. Simply elegant.
  8. Beautiful vibes everywhere!

What are 5 nice things to say?

What to Say to Someone
  • You are more fun than anyone or anything I know, including bubble wrap.
  • You are the most perfect you there is.
  • You are enough.
  • You are one of the strongest people I know.
  • You look great today.
  • You have the best smile.
  • Your outlook on life is amazing.
  • You just light up the room.

How do you compliment someone's art?

Some Compliments That You Can Use Instead!
  1. You are such a great artist! [works every time!]
  2. I really love your art! ...
  3. Your art is so cool! ...
  4. Great job! ...
  5. You have put a lot of work into this piece and it has paid off! ...
  6. Congratulations! ...
  7. You are awesome! ...
  8. This art could step on me and I'd thank them for it.

What are complimentary words?

Complimentary words are those that we use in a conversation to make the person we are talking to feel good about themselves. They are generally words to describe an aspect of somebody's personality/life or to describe something that belongs to the person receiving the compliment.

How do you compliment someone in one word?

The best one-word compliments for him or her
  1. Bold: Showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous.
  2. Irresistible: Too attractive and tempting to be resisted.
  3. Captivating: Capable of attracting and holding interest; charming.
  4. Brilliant: Exceptionally clever or talented.
  5. Handsome: Good-looking.

How do you comment on a post?

Tap below a post. Tap Write a comment at the bottom of the screen, then type in your comment. Tap to take or upload a photo. Tap to comment with a sticker.

What are good comments for Instagram?

Cute Instagram Comments
  • Blessed my eyes once again. [ ...
  • You are unreal. [ ...
  • Gosh, looks like the sun came out.
  • This outfit deserves applause. ( ...
  • Sending this picture to NASA because you are a star.
  • Finally, a photo worth a billion.
  • Hey, you promised to return my shirt soon.
  • No one should be allowed to look so cute.

How do you describe a beautiful picture?

- fresh and clear. Synonyms for beautiful include alluring, attractive, gorgeous, charming, elegant, exquisite, handsome, pretty, ravishing and striking.

How do you respond to a nice picture?

I think the best response is a simple "Thank you." If you have better photos than the ones they're complimenting, you might even say, "Thanks - I'd love to show you some of my better work too." But always be thankful for the compliment even if you don't feel the work is as good as they think it is.

What is the best compliment word?

Breathtaking / Awe-Inspiring — So awesome and amazing, they take your breath away; astonishing; thrillingly beautiful. Brilliant / Intelligent / Genius — Well above average in the smarts department; gifted; whip-smart; witty; masterly; profound; adept; first-rate.

What is the best word to praise?

  • acclaim,
  • applaud,
  • commend,
  • compliment,
  • hail,
  • renown,
  • salute.

What's a better word for beautiful?

admirable, adorable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, captivating, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enthralling, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fetching, fine, foxy, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, inviting ...

How do you appreciate good paintings?

Appreciation Words for Good Painting
  1. You're hardworking and talented.
  2. You truly put a lot of effort into this piece of art.
  3. You are gifted with such artistic talents. ...
  4. I wish I was as talented as you at drawing and painting.
  5. Sincerely, I'm taking inspiration from your pictures.

How do you give art feedback?

How to Give an Art Critique: Constructive Criticism for Artists
  1. Take a look through the artist's eyes. If you're going to be critiquing another artist's work, it helps to know where they're coming from. ...
  2. Don't nit-pick the little stuff. ...
  3. Start positive and end positive. ...
  4. Never be vague. ...
  5. Lastly, keep it short.

How do you write an art appreciation?

  1. 1 Find the work. Find the work of art you want to write about. ...
  2. 2 Learn the elements. ...
  3. 3 Look at the work of art. ...
  4. 4 Gather information about the artist. ...
  5. 5 Take notes on the information you gather. ...
  6. 6 Examine the work. ...
  7. 7 List you. ...
  8. 8 Describe the artist.

How do you compliment something?

A list of compliments that will make someone smile.
  1. You're that “Nothing” when people ask me what I'm thinking about.
  2. You look great today.
  3. You're a smart cookie.
  4. I bet you make babies smile.
  5. You have impeccable manners.
  6. I like your style.
  7. You have the best laugh.
  8. I appreciate you.

How do you compliment a friend?

Compliments for a Friend or Coworker
  1. You are the best friend one could ask for.
  2. I appreciate our friendship.
  3. I thank the stars for bringing us closer.
  4. I am so glad we met.
  5. You bring out the best in me.
  6. You are always there for me.
  7. You see me.
  8. You understand me for who I am.

How do you give compliments in English?

Basic formula of giving an English compliment
  1. Your + Noun + is/looks + Adjective. > Your dog is so cute! > Your backpack is really nice.
  2. This/That + is + Adjective + Noun. > That is a beautiful necklace. > This is such a cool car.
  3. I + like/love + Noun Phrase. > I really love your homemade chocolate cake. >

How do you praise photos on Instagram?

Short good comments for Instagram pictures
  1. Never seen a selfie of yours that I don't like.
  2. You are the coolest.
  3. This outfit deserves applause (Clap emojis).
  4. Blessing my Insta feed once again.
  5. The hottest pal in the town.
  6. Friends forever.
  7. They say love is beautiful, but I say friendship is better.

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