How did the snake become Bathilda?

A History of Magic is used in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry class of the same name, taught by Cuthbert Binns. She lived in Godric's Hollow, and was murdered around December, 1997. Her corpse was then animated by Lord Voldemort to contain his pet snake Nagini.

Why did Nagini become Bathilda?

When Bathilda died around December 1997, he-who-must not-be-named animated her body and turned her into a snake whom he then placed part of his soul into. Making her a horcrux. Bathilda was also the great aunt of Grindelwald.

How is Nagini disguised as Bathilda?

Bathilda then led Harry over to a cluttered table and, after distracting him by pointing at the mass of dirty laundry piled on said table (which Harry scanned for a sign of Griffindor's Sword), revealed herself to be Voldemort's snake Nagini in disguise.

Why did Bagshot turn into a snake?

FB tells us Nagini was once a woman who suffered from a blood curse that turns her into a snake. A 'Maledictus' (like Nagini) is a carrier of a blood curse which will ultimately destine them to transform permanently into a beast.

What does Nagini say to Harry as Bathilda Bagshot?

When Harry and Hermione are on the first floor of Bathilda's house, Nagini (inside the corpse of Bathilda) tells Harry to "Come!" from the next room in Parseltongue.

Fake Bathilda Nagini Attack Scene - Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

How is Bathilda Bagshot related to Grindelwald?

Bathilda was also the great-aunt of Gellert Grindelwald, the infamous dark wizard who was defeated by Albus Dumbledore.

What did Hermione find in Bathilda Bagshot's closet?

You'll learn a lot more about him in the second half of the movie. What's up with that snake lady? Bathilda Bagshot has actually been dead for weeks, which explains the flies and blood handprints Hermione finds.

Why did Nagini follow Voldemort?

Voldemort used Nagini to help him regain strength and a basic physical form after living in a weak, spectral state, following his attempt to kill an infant Harry Potter, during which he was struck by his rebounding Killing Curse.

How did Nagini see Harry and Hermione?

As others mention, snakes have excellent senses of smell, so Nagini might have used that to detect Harry and Hermione. Snakes also feel vibrations that would give away their movements.

How did Ron know Parseltongue?

The ability to speak Parseltongue is usually inborn; a wizard is born being able to speak Parseltongue, and those who are not born with the ability cannot normally learn the language (although, according to the author, Dumbledore may have learned to understand it, and in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Ron learnt ...

Who was the man in Bathilda Bagshot's house?

History. Bathilda's home while she was still alive Bagshot presumably lived in the house beginning at least in the late nineteenth century, as she is known to have lived in the town during the 1890s, when her great-nephew Gellert Grindelwald stayed with her briefly.

How did Snape know where to hide the sword?

Phineas went to his Hogwarts portrait and relayed that information back to Snape, who then traveled to the Forest of Dean and planted the sword.

How did Godric Gryffindor sword get in the lake?

It was mentioned that Harry and Ron thought there was someone there with them. It's implied that the same person who cast the doe patronus put the sword into the lake.

How did Snape know where Harry was in the woods?

If you can see/feel what your Patronus sees/feels when you send it off on a mission, Snape would know the moment the Patronus found Harry and would be able to hide the sword in the lake in time for Harry to find it when he arrived, minutes later.

What was Grindelwald's famous slogan?

"I wish you were working with me now. Towards a world where we wizards are free to live openly, and to love freely,"

Is Nagini a basilisk?

Nagini is one of many snakes featured in the series

After all, the great Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets was a huge snake, bred with Salazar Slytherin's intent to murder Muggle-borns. The Dark Mark, Lord Voldemort's 'sign', was a skull with a snake tongue.

What was Leta's Boggart?

During a Defence Against the Dark Arts class at Hogwarts, a boggart reveals her greatest fear to be a vision of the cloth-wrapped baby sinking into the depths. Warner Bros. Consumed by guilt, she struggled during her years at Hogwarts and was victimised by her classmates.

Is Aurelius Dumbledore in Harry Potter?

But Rowling put a clever explanation into her story for why Aurelius does not exist in the Potter books at all. It's in his name. Marcus Aurelius was the last of Rome's "Five Good Emperors" and is overlooked a lot in the history books in favor of those who came before and after.

Why was Snape's Avada Kedavra blue?

In order to conjure the avada kedavra curse, you have to want to kill your victim. We all know that Voldemort could easily kill a child without an ounce of remorse... but not Snape. Snape didn't want to kill Dumbledore, and this was why the spell was blue instead of the usual green.

How did Harry know Nagini was a Horcrux?

Harry did not know that he was one, and no one knew that Nagini was one. Dumbledore only revealed the truth about Harry and Nagini after Harry's "death", when they talked in the spirit realm. So at the time of the conversation, they only knew of one more Horcrux, the fifth one, the diadem.

Is Bathilda Bagshot pureblood?

It is never explicitly stated whether Bathilda Bagshot is pure blood. But it is likely that she was, or at least had, limited muggle ancestry. This is suggested by the fact that she was the great aunt of Gellert Grindelwald. He had a strong belief in the superiority of wizards over muggles.

Who was Nagini before she was a snake?

Nagini, it turns out, was actually a Maledictus—a witch with a blood curse that turns her permanently into a beast (in her case, a giant snake). In the film, the witch is played by Claudia Kim.

Was Voldemort's snake a person?

In “The Crimes of Grindelwald,” set in 1927, Nagini is part of a traveling magical freak show, where she entertains the crowd by turning into a snake. As it happens, she is a human witch who suffers from a blood curse called Maledictus.

Was Aberforth in the Order of the Phoenix?

Aberforth was the owner and barman of the Hog's Head Inn in Hogsmeade, and was a member of the original Order of the Phoenix during the First Wizarding War.

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