How did Baldur lose his immortality?

Immortality: As an Aesir god, Baldur was immortal, and could only be killed by other Immortals or special weapons.

How did Baldur lose his immortality in God of War?

When he was born, Freya learned that he was destined to die in some horrible way, so she worked her powerful Vanir magic on him so as to make him immune to everything. Baldur was left immortal, pleasureless and painless. This inability to feel drove him to exact revenge on his mother.

What broke Baldur's curse?

Mistletoe is apparently the only thing that can break the curse, which Mimir attributed to the fickle nature of the otherwise powerful Vanir magic. Since the curse causes sensory deprivation, it also prevents the sufferer from enjoying sexual pleasure, making the victim unable to feel orgasms.

What was Balder killed with?

The blind god Höd, deceived by the evil Loki, killed Balder by hurling mistletoe, the only thing that could hurt him. After Balder's funeral, the giantess Thökk, probably Loki in disguise, refused to weep the tears that would release Balder from death.

Did Balder come back to life?

Balder is married to Nanna and they live in Breidablick. The myths about Balder are about this death and the attempts to bring him back from the underworld. But he does not return until the destruction of the world in Ragnarök.

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Is Baldur stronger than Kratos?

Baldur had super strength around the same as Kratos, but it was his inability to feel anything, pain, tiredness, or even emotions that gave him the edge. Thanks to the curse/blessing Freya placed upon him, Baldur is quite literally unkillable.

Who is stronger Thor or Baldur?

Superhuman Strength: As the God of Strength, Thor is the strongest of the Aesir Gods, surpassing that of Baldur, Týr, Magni, Modi, and maybe even Odin himself in terms of brute force and physical strength.

How does Baldur survive Ragnarök?

Because Baldur stayed in Helheim, he never joined the army in Asgard. And because of this, he was protected. After Ragnarok, Baldur came back to life, leaving Helheim.

Why is Baldur angry at Freya?

In God of War, Freya's spell drove Baldur to madness and filled him with dangerous rage, as evidenced by his encounters with Kratos, and made him dedicated to loathing his mother in order to cause her pain. But the spell wasn't the only mistake Freya made in God of War.

Why is the death of Balder so famous?

Balder's Death:

According to the Prose Edda (an Old Norse work of literature), Balder was so universally loved that his mother Frigg was able to exact from all living things a promise to never harm him. However, she bypassed mistletoe, believing it too young to be a danger, and so it was eventually used to slay him.

How did mistletoe hurt Baldur?

The mistletoe struck Balder and pierced him through and through, and he fell down dead. For a while the gods stood speechless, then they lifted up their voices and wept bitterly.” The story goes on to describe the burning of Balder's body in a funeral pyre on his ship.

What made Baldur vulnerable?

His only true weakness was mistletoe, which voids this ambiguous advantage. Upon striking Atreus and stabbing his hand with a mistletoe arrow, the spell was broken, and Baldur was not only vulnerable but able to feel everything, causing a sensory-overload and euphoria, even claiming he hasn't felt "more alive".

What Baldur want from Kratos?

While it is thought initially that Baldur's target is Kratos for being a god from another land, it is revealed that Baldur is seeking a giant living in Midgard. This giant turns out to be Faye, Kratos' wife, Atreus' mother, and one of the last living giants of Jotunheim.

Why did Freya put a spell on Baldur?

We eventually learn that Freya is Baldr's mother and used some powerful magic on his that makes Baldr "blessed with invulnerability to all threats, physical or magical". And we learn that, apparently the reason Freya did this was because she was a helicopter parent.

How did Baldur survive Kratos?

Throughout the game, Baldur has shown his ability to heal from any wound, as well as the inability to feel any pain. However, they manage to break that spell when Baldur's hand is pierced with an arrow made from mistletoe, allowing Kratos to finally finish the mad god by breaking his neck.

Why did Baldur go after Kratos?

Baldur obviously is chasing Kratos because Odin has convinced him that either Kratos can cure him, or Jotunheim can (Mimir speculates this).

Did Baldur know Kratos was a god?

Does Baldur at any point realize that Kratos is a Greek god? Freya and Mimir very quickly realized that Kratos was a god, but Baldur and the others didn't.

What is Atreus the god of?

Atreus (God of War)

How was Baldur resurrected?

According to Völuspá, Baldr will be reborn in the new world. He had a dream of his own death and his mother had the same dream. Since dreams were usually prophetic, this depressed him, so his mother Frigg made every object on earth vow never to hurt Baldr.

Where did Baldur go when died?

He goes to Helheim. The Valkyries are free but he didn't die in 'battle'.

What was Loki's punishment for killing Balder?

Ultimately, Loki caused the death of Baldr, wisest of the gods. As punishment, Loki now lies in a cave, bound to a rock by the entrails of his sons. A snake fastened to a stalactite above him drips venom into his face. Loki's faithful wife Sigyn catches the venom in a bowl, protecting Loki from harm.

Why is Odin scared of Kratos?

It is implied that he has an intense fear of Kratos as well like how Zeus had, however unlike the Olympian he knew nothing about him except that he is extremely powerful, having faced and killed Modi, Magni, and Baldur. In addition, Odin jealously guards all the knowledge and secrets he collected.

Who is the strongest eternal?

8 Gilgamesh Is The Physically Strongest Eternal

Over the years, he's been the group's bruiser, the one who gets picked to smash their foes. Gilgamesh is the Eternals' titan, and was inspired by the human legend of Gilgamesh.

Who would win Odin vs Zeus?

So the fact that Thor was able to hold his own against Zeus speaks volumes, and I think is good enough evidence to say that between Odin and Zeus, Odin is more powerful than Zeus, perhaps even more than just "Slightly more powerful."

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