Does polished nickel go with stainless steel?

Although Polished Nickel fixtures are very nice, they are really not similar at all to what you might think of as stainless steel color. If you are trying to exactly match other stainless steel finish fixtures in your bathroom, Polished Nickel products will probably not going to be what you want.

What metal looks good with polished nickel?


Polished bickel is a great mix with brass because while it's a cool toned metal, it has a warm undertone that blends well with the warmth of brass.

Can you use nickel with stainless steel?

It is the addition of nickel that enables stainless steel to become such a versatile alloy. In addition to their inherent corrosion resistance, nickel-containing stainless steels are easy to form and weld; they remain ductile at very low temperatures and yet can be used for high-temperature applications.

Does brushed nickel and stainless steel look the same?

Stainless steel is a classic choice for hardware and fittings because it complements most home styles. Brushed nickel and stainless steel often look very similar, but the difference is in their underlying tone: brushed nickel tends to have a golden or brownish tint while stainless steel has a faintly blue tone.

What should you not use on polished nickel?

Vinegar can damage the finish if you allow it to soak on the metal, so wipe it clean right away. Avoid using any harsh cleaners or abrasive pads that can scratch the finish of your polished nickel. You can use glass cleaner as long as you do not allow the cleaners to soak on the polished nickel.

How to Mix Metals in Your Home Design | Interior Design Secrets

Can I use Windex on polished nickel?

You can clean and polish nickel with any kind of glass cleaner.

Is polished nickel hard to maintain?

Polished nickel tends to show water spots and fingerprints much like chrome, and it does tend to require a bit more maintenance than chrome does.

Does satin nickel match stainless steel appliances?

Satin Nickel is in the same color family as Polished Nickel and Stainless Steel, it is a warm toned silver but with a brushed finish that will complement stainless steel appliances and most silver fixtures.

What color is polished nickel?

With a slight pale gold undertone and a high gloss, Polished Nickel falls somewhere between silver and gold. Polished Nickel appears more gold or silver depending on the lighting and surrounding colors.

Can you use a brushed nickel faucet with stainless steel sink?

A brushed or satin nickel faucet will blend in with a stainless steel sink much the way a stainless steel faucet would. They usually have a more muted finish than stainless steel and don't show water spots as easily.

Can you mix brushed nickel and stainless steel in a bathroom?

The primary metal you select for your bathroom should account for about two-thirds of the fixtures. Metals with a “cool” undertone are ideal for contemporary or transitional aesthetics: think brushed nickel, polished chrome, or stainless steel for sink and bath faucets, handles, shower heads and grab bars.

Can you mix brushed nickel and stainless?

Mixing Brush nickel and stainless steel faucets in… Mixing Brush nickel and stainless steel faucets in… I think you're fine. If the styles match, it won't look too mismatched.

Is polished nickel the same as chrome?

The primary difference for homeowners is the difference in color. Chrome is typically colder, giving off an almost blueish hue, whereas polished nickel is warm with a slightly yellow hue.

Can you mix polished nickel chrome?

DON'T worry if major contrast isn't for you. Hues that are similar can also work very well together. Mixing finishes like polished chrome and polished nickel can add subtle dimension to a space. DO call attention to an accent piece by contrasting the style as well as the finish.

What metal finishes go together?

Typically, you should use warm metals (like brass, nickel and copper) with warm hues (like whites, beiges, browns and taupes) and cool metals (such as chrome and silver) with cool hues (such as blues, greens and grays).

Can you mix brushed and polished nickel?

Don't mix POLISHED nickel and BRUSHED nickel in the same room, they are too close and could look like a mistake. It's good to be aware that there are not a lot of good lighting options available in chrome.

Is polished nickel outdated?

As a general rule, brushed nickel is a classic finish that is an excellent choice for either kitchen or bathroom hardware. While brushed nickel may not be one of the top finishes for 2021, it is certainly a safe option that will not require updating any time soon.

Is polished nickel warm or cool?

Polished Nickel (Warm Undertone)

Polished Nickel is nearly identical to Polished Chrome, however, it has a slightly more yellow tone. It looks best in spaces with other warm colors and finishes.

Is polished nickel timeless?

Timeless Finishes

The Polished Nickel finish has a traditional energy, making it feel like it was always meant to be in your kitchen or bath. It's bold in its simplicity, which is always a bonus.

Can you mix chrome and stainless steel?

And for those who worry about how their stainless-steel appliances fit in with other metals, O'Brien says: “Chrome and stainless steel are really the same and can be used together.”

Is polished nickel the same as satin nickel?

Polished nickel shower hardware doesn't receive the same treatment as satin and brushed nickel – there's no lacquer and no wire brushing to dull the shine. Therefore polished nickel tends to have a mirror-like shine similar to chrome.

What is better brushed nickel or brushed stainless steel?

Is brushed nickel better than stainless steel? Brushed nickel can work in a wider variety of kitchen designs, but solid stainless steel is more durable. Also, brushed nickel will hide fingerprints a little bit better because of its color.

Does vinegar damage polished nickel?

Don't use abrasive, alcohol-based, acid or solvent-based cleaners on brushed nickel. These cleaners can damage the finish. Although vinegar does contain acid, you can dilute it for use on stubborn mineral deposits if other methods haven't worked. Do this carefully and by testing an inconspicuous area first.

How do you get fingerprints off polished nickel?

Add a drop of mild dish washing detergent to the damp cloth before rubbing the polished nickel surface to remove minor stains. Rinse the surface with water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

What cleans polished nickel?

To clean polished nickel surfaces, wipe them with mild dish soap applied to a damp cloth. If you see hard water stains, lay a cloth soaked in water and white vinegar over the area for 5 minutes, then wipe with a clean cloth.

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