Does cheeky mean cute?

Senior Member. Cheeky is often used as a synonym for "cutely amusing"; "charming" or "infectiously humorous" - children, monkeys, small/young animals are often described as "cheeky" in a positive manner.

What does it mean when someone calls you cheeky?

Definition of cheeky

informal. : boldly rude, impudent, or disrespectful in usually a playful or appealing way a cheeky grin … old-timers who still look like they could deck you if you get too cheeky.—

What is a cheeky girl?

Cheeky definition

The definition of cheeky is someone who is brash, bold or sassy. An example of someone who would be described as cheeky is a spunky, sassy girl who isn't afraid to talk back to anyone. adjective.

Is Cheeky a compliment?

Is Cheeky a compliment? It means rude or presumptuous, but with a tone of amusement (which may be from respect or incredulity). If it sounded like a compliment, it probably was.

Can cheeky be flirty?

As adjectives the difference between cheeky and flirty

is that cheeky is (informal) impudent; impertinent; impertinently bold, often in a way that is regarded as endearing or amusing while flirty is flirting, or seeming to flirt.


Why do British say cheeky?

Cheeky. Brits are famous for their sense of humour, and we like to take life a little less seriously than other nations do. We take pleasure in being playful, so we often use the word “cheeky” to describe small, fun, frivolous activities that make us smile.

Is Cheeky a negative word?

The dictionary assigns both positive and negative meaning to those words, Funny can be humorous, but also silly, dishonest, or unfriendly. Cheeky means slightly rude or showing no respect, but often in a funny way.

Is Cheeky endearing?

Senior Member. Cheeky is often used as a synonym for "cutely amusing"; "charming" or "infectiously humorous" - children, monkeys, small/young animals are often described as "cheeky" in a positive manner.

What's a cheeky smile?

Cheeky Smile is the impudent desire to fully express yourself and surrender to an hypnotic whirl of happiness. This new sociality, symbolized by the smiley, spreads through extra-sensorial levels.

Do girls like cheekiness?

Women also named cheekiness (8th), looking good in a suit (17th), broad shoulders (19th) and a rough and ready, unshaven look (20th). Lingering eye contact, attentiveness and confidence were all a must-have for girls.

How do you use the word cheeky?

He is cheeky, fun and boastful about his skills. A cheeky melody was then played over this on a clarinet. Sneaks up on people with her cheeky humor, often caustic. They were a bit cheeky really because they had already recorded it.

What is the meaning of cheeky boy?

Someone who is cheeky is rude to someone they ought to respect, but often in a charming or amusing way. He is a very cheeky boy.

What does cheeky mean in Australia?

Cheeky: Used widely in Aboriginal Australia, the word cheeky isn't only used to refer to insolence but also behaviour that is dangerous. A dog prone to biting people, for example, would be described as “cheeky”.

What does a cheeky kiss mean?

A cheeky kiss might be quick and sneaky or surprising in some way.

Where is cheeky from?

Szemtelen Manó, more commonly known as Cheeky, is a character from M U G E N's surreal Roblox games, and mainly Veszteség.

What does cheeky mean in New Zealand?

Cheeky is two syllables – cheek-y, and the pronunciation of cheeky is ˈtʃiːkɪ. This word is commonly used by English people (Brits), New Zealanders, or people from Australia. If someone is cheeky, you can think of them as saying everything with a wink and a nudge or a sly look in a playful manner.

What is a playful smile?

playful - a smile with a glint of mischief and fun.

What is a sly smile?

DEFINITIONS2. a sly smile, look, or remark shows that the person doing it knows something that other people do not know.

What do you call a cheeky child?

brat. noun. informal an annoying child who behaves badly.

What is the British slang for girl?

Bird. Meaning: (Noun) Primarily British, “bird” is used to refer to a young woman or girl.

Does bloody mean the F word?

The f-word has become Britain's most popular swearword, overtaking “bloody”, as the nation's use of expletives has dropped over the past two decades, a linguistics study has found.

Is Bloody a curse word?

Bloody is a common swear word that is considered to be milder and less offensive than other, more visceral alternatives. In 1994, it was the most commonly spoken swear word, accounting for around 650 of every million words said in the UK – 0.064 per cent.

What does cheeky mean Reddit?

ago. Additional comment actions. It's an idiom that means 'sarcastic, irreverent, laughingly. ' It's hard to describe, but you would use it for somebody who is jokingly making fun of something.

What does Gammin mean?

The semi-jovial term "Gammin" or "Gammon", widely used by Aboriginal people, means 'to pretend', 'be inauthentic' or used to describe something as pathetic. Very much adopted by Australia's Indigenous people, this term originates from 18th Century cockney slang, similarly meaning to 'pretend' or to swindle someone.

Is cheekiness a word?

Meaning of cheekiness in English

behaviour that is slightly rude or or shows a lack of respect, but may be funny: There was no trace of his usual cheekiness.

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