Does B Simone have a little sister?

30-year-old B. Simone, whose first name is Braelyn, has a younger sister called Jordyn. She goes by Jordyn Genevie and fans claim her to be as 'stacked' as her older sister.

What does B. Simone's sister have?

Comedian B. Simone posted an emotional video of her cutting her hair in solidarity with her sister Jordyn Genevie who has a condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal.

What happened to B. Simone's sister?

“My sister is pretty sick. She had been going through something called TSW [topical steroid withdrawal] for about a year and it affects her skin, her body,” said Simone. Some of the symptoms of TSW include excessively dry and cracking skin, swelling and redness of the skin — all of which Jordyn is experiencing.

How many sisters does Simone have?

Simone has two sisters, Adria and Ashley, in addition to her brother, Tevin. She also ended up with two more half-siblings when her grandparents adopted her: Ron Jr.

Who is B. Simone brother?

Simone's brother, 24-year-old Tevin Biles-Thomas, was arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder following a fatal shooting on New Year's Eve. He has been charged with murder, voluntary manslaughter, felonious assault, and perjury.

DaBaby and B.Simone - FIND MY WAY : Behind the Scenes

Is Simone Biles a twin?

Adria is actually one of four of Simone's biological siblings: The two also have an older brother, Ron Jr., and an older sister Ashley Biles Thomas.

Why was Simone Biles brother set free?

Olympian Simone Biles' Brother, an Army Soldier, Free After Murder Charges Dismissed.

Does Simone Biles see her other siblings?

While Simone and Adria are super close, Simone still has relationships with her other siblings, Ashley and Tevin. In 2019, Tevin was convicted for murder in connection with a New Year's Eve shooting. At the time, Simone shared on Twitter, “My heart aches for everyone involved, especially the victims and their families…

Did B Simone get her body done?

I know I got a little belly fat.” The comedian added that although she has “more than enough money” to enhance her features surgically, she opted out because she wanted to “work with” what she has genetically. She said, “That is my body and believe me I have more than enough money to change it. I embrace myself.

What happened to B Simone's mom?

Simone's mother? The B. Simone Beauty founder revealed that after her parents got divorced when she was young, her father and stepmother — a woman who proved to be a negative presence in her life — were the ones who raised her.

Who is B Simone new boyfriend?

Simone has declared her single status on Instagram. In early 2021, fans of the bombshell were happy to see her find love with Chris Smith after the two were first linked in February. If you follow the star, then you know that she frequently posted sweet messages about her beau and he always returned the favor.

Where does B Simone get her hair?

B. Simone often endorses Yummy Extensions on social media, and has used the haircare company and supplier to create a variety of hairstyles. A few days prior to her post, she was seen wearing extensions from the brand to create long braids, stating, “I always use Yummy Extensions' curly hair for my goddess braids.”

Do B Simone and DaBaby go out?

DaBaby and 'Wild 'n Out' star B. Simone sparked dating rumours in early 2020 after she appeared in the music video for his single 'Find My Way'. B. Simone has been very open in the past about her crush on the rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, but it's thought the pair never officially dated.

Does Simone Biles have a child?

She didn't know these children. Her sons, Ron Jr. and Adam, were teenagers, and she had always envisioned that she and Ron would travel when the boys were out of the house. Now their family of four would be a family of eight, and Simone and her younger sister Adria would need her and Ron for years to come.

Who is Simone Biles BF?

The 24-year-old gymnastics star and seven-time Olympic medalist announced on social media Tuesday that she got engaged on Valentine's Day to boyfriend Jonathan Owens, a safety for the Houston Texans. "THE EASIEST YES," Biles wrote on Instagram along with a series of photos of the proposal.

Is Simone Biles married?

The happy couple announced the news on Instagram on Tuesday after first going public with their relationship in August 2020.

Does Simone Biles have a relationship with her brother?

“They have a great relationship and are in love!” Jonathan, 26, and Simone made their romance Instagram official in August 2020. The NFL athlete has been especially supportive of Simone amid her time at the Tokyo Olympics.

How did Simone Biles get her own emoji?

The goat emoji comes from the customized rhinestone goat heads Simone Biles put on the leotards she often wears at her competitions, a reference to the acronym, “Greatest Of All Time” or “GOAT.” Simone Biles is the first Olympian and female athlete in history to get her town Twitter emoji.

Who is Simone's boyfriend 2022?

Simone's 31st, but she did share on her Instagram story that the two were taking a romantic ride on a love boat. The next clip of Simone and her NFL player boyfriend, Chris Smith, showed them sharing a hug and a kiss after debarking. Fans showed their support for Simone's relationship after the videos surfaced.

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