Do you draw or paint with pastels?

Pastels offer an artist an unlimited palette with few constraints as to application and expression. Indeed, there seem to be more individual styles than any other medium, in part because pastel can act as both drawing and painting.

Are pastels considered drawing or painting?

If the tone of the paper/surface plays a major visual role in the final appearance of the artwork, it is a drawing. If the paper/surface is completely covered with pastel, it is considered a painting.

Do you draw with pastels?

You can do both with soft pastels because the rectangular shape of the pastel sticks allows you to draw lines as well as color in areas. This blurs the boundary between drawing and painting.

Can pastels be used as paint?

One of the advantages to working with pastels is the ability to produce paintings quickly. The characteristics of the medium allow it to be applied in large quantities and layered easily. Pastels can produce depth in color and value without a great deal of effort.

How do you apply pastel?

Use pastels on different surfaces, such as paper, cardboard or canvas. Choose a surface with a rough texture to make a grainy drawing, or a smoother texture for a sharper result. Opt for pastel pencils if you want more precision.

How To Begin Painting With Soft Pastels?

How do you start drawing with pastels?

With these foundations in place, let's get started with pastel drawing.
  1. Pick your pastels. Use specific pastels for different techniques. ...
  2. Layering and smudging with pastels. ...
  3. Select a pastel paper. ...
  4. Experiment with soft and hard pastels. ...
  5. Test drive pencils and oils. ...
  6. Create washes with water-soluble pastels.

How is pastel painting done?

Pastel painting or pastel drawing starts with an implement of pigment mixed with chalk or clay and combined with gum to make a paste that is then hardened and made available as soft or hard pastels, pastel pencils, or oil pastels. Pastel lessons often discuss the medium in terms of both drawing and painting.

Can I paint over soft pastels?

Oil paint can be applied over the soft pastel. The solvents in the oil paint will penetrate the soft pastel. Edges of forms sketched in pastel can be left exposed on the finished oil painted canvas. Even large areas of soft pastel can be free of oil paint application.

What do you need for pastel art?

Here's an art supplies list of what you need to start using pastels.
  • Pastel Paper. Different brands of pastel paper have different textures or surfaces to give the pastel something to grip onto. ...
  • Pastel Colors. ...
  • Fixative. ...
  • Sketchbook for Practicing. ...
  • An Easel. ...
  • Drawing Board. ...
  • Bulldog Clips. ...
  • Pencil for Initial Sketching.

Is oil pastel a drawing or painting?

An oil pastel is a painting and drawing medium formed into a stick which consists of pigment mixed with a binder mixture of non-drying oil and wax, in contrast to other pastel sticks which are made with a gum or methyl cellulose binder, and in contrast to wax crayons which are made without oil.

Should I wear a mask when using pastels?

Wear the right dust mask and wear it properly

Another common sense precaution when painting with pastels is to use a dust mask when you paint with pastels.

What are pastels good for?

This fragile consistency and powdery texture makes them well suited to blending, layering on lots of color, and for painterly effects. You can also use the edges for fine lines, but most artists use hard pastels or pastel pencils for detail work and preliminary sketches.

Can you use paint brushes with pastels?

Dilute some oil pastels

Moisten an oil painting paintbrush with white spirit or turpentine. Brush on the pastel: its pigments will blend and the color can be moved around just like paint. Your lines will disappear and be replaced by paintbrush strokes.

How many pastels do I need?

A basic starter set of 8-15 colours will be sufficient. Contrary to the advice of some, you can mix your colours and so a small set will be absolutely fine to get started with. If you can afford a bigger set you will buy more convenience: more colours available means you have to mix less.

How do you finish a pastel drawing?

Sometimes artists use a light coat of fixative as they work to help stabilise and 'bind' the pastel to the surface.
How to fix your finished pastel artwork
  1. Diffuser-sprayed fixatives. Steady breaths create an even spray. ...
  2. Aerosol fixatives. Aerosols are a quick and easy option. ...
  3. Pump sprays.

How do you shade with pastels?

1. Blending two colors
  1. Spread the first color as a solid area of color or as widely-spaced, not overly dark hatching.
  2. Then overlay the second color the same way.
  3. Work together with your finger, in a circular motion: the pigments will mix to create an intermediate shade.

Can you paint with pastels on canvas?

Types of Pastels You Can Use on Canvas

Typically, oil pastels are the pastel of choice for use on a canvas. These crayon-like pastels allow much of the flexibility of oil paints but in a less messy, easier to control format. Most often, artists just draw on the canvas with the pastel.

Are dry pastels and soft pastels the same?

Dry pastel media can be subdivided as follows: Soft pastels: This is the most widely used form of pastel. The sticks have a higher portion of pigment and less binder. The drawing can be readily smudged and blended, but it results in a higher proportion of dust.

What kind of paper do you use for pastels?

Textured paper is the most popular surface for pastels, but you can also use boards, canvas, and even sandpaper.

Can you use pencil under pastels?

Pastel pencils allow the control found in using a pencil but deliver marks that can be layered and blended just as traditional pastels. Many artists love the marks produced by traditional pastels. They can be used to create painterly effects and gracefully layer to produce rich colors.

Which pastels are best for beginners?

Best for Kids: Sakura Cray-Pas Junior Artist Oil Pastels

While they are kid-friendly and made for junior artists, these aren't just for kids—they're one of the best pastel sets for beginners, too.

Which paper is best for pastel pencils?

Generally speaking, any surface that will accept the mark is suitable for use with pastel pencils. Drawing paper, illustration board, and bristol paper will all accept the mark. That being said, a paper with a heavier tooth or texture will provide the best results. Canson Mi-Teintes paper is my paper of choice.

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