Can Jackie be saved cyberpunk?

Well, brace yourselves, folks. Despite your love for the character it is not possible to save Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077. It doesn't matter what you do leading up to The Heist mission, the ultimate fate of Jackie Welles is a core part of the story and cannot be avoided.

How do you keep Jackie alive in Cyberpunk 2077?

The short and easy answer to whether you can save Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077 is no. Sorry. Jackie's fate is hardwired into the story and there's nothing you can do about it.

Is there a way to prevent Jackie's death?

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent him from dying in the seat next to you, as he passes away when you reach the rendezvous. The only real decision you have when it comes to Jackie's death is what Delamain does with his body.

What do you do with Jackie's remains cyberpunk?

In general, the more respectable option is sending Jackie to his mom after he passes, but this will also unlock a side quest in Cyberpunk 2077 that cannot be unlocked otherwise. Sending Jackie's remains to his family will result in Mama Welles inviting V over for a ceremony in a quest called Heroes.

What happens if you take Jackie to Vik Vektor?

If you sent Jackie's remains to Vik Vektor you won't be invited to the ofrenda, but you'll still receive the keys to the bike. After reading Mama Welles' message, check the package outside your apartment. You're now free to call Jackie's Arch from your list of vehicles.

Cyberpunk: What Happens if You Take Jackie's Body to Vik after the Prologue — Cyberpunk 2077

What happens if you send Jackie's body to Vic?

Take him to Vik Vektor's clinic choice consequences

If you send Jackie Welles's remains to Vik's clinic, you'll later get a text from Delamain telling you that he delivered the body. Without any spoilers, the consequences of this choice are that you will get a key to Jackie's motorbike.

Should I give relic to Dex?

The Outcome of Siding With Dex or Evelyn

Without giving anything major away, it doesn't seem to matter which party V chooses to side with. Because of the way the events of the heist go down, V and Jackie won't get paid, and Dex will stab V in the back regardless, likely for more money in his pocket.

What should I take for Jackie's ofrenda?

Inside Jackie's garage is a copy of a book called “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Ernest Hemingway. This is the only item you can take to the ofrenda.

What happens if you say no luck to Dex?

If you don't say anything the first time to Dex you'll get a second chance. He sounds a little… suspicious if you don't tell him what happened but the conversation moves on anyway (if you tell him the truth, he'll be appreciative). Take the Shard and plug in for the job details.

Where should I have Jackie's remains taken?

Leave in the Delamain: you can leave the remains in the Delmain and it will automatically take them to his family. This will choice also unlocks the memorial. To his family: sending Jackie's remains to his family will unlock a special memorial that isn't accessible any other way.

Can you get Johnny silverhand's gun?

Johnny Silverhand's Malorian Arms 3516 pistol can be obtained during the Chippin' In Side Job. To find Johnny's gun, you will need to defeat the group of Maelstrom gangsters, along with their leader Grayson. Upon defeating Grayson, you'll have the option to pick up his weapon - which turns out to be Johnny's gun.

Does Jackie betray you cyberpunk?

The answer is no. Nothing you do before the heist or during the mission can save Jackie Welles. No matter how safe you are or what choices you make, Jackie will die in the backseat of the Delamain. Games don't often kill off such prominent characters in the early stages of the game, but Cyberpunk 2077 isn't normal.

Does Dex betray?

If you choose to confess to Dex, he will obviously be rather annoyed about it, but he will give you a 40% pay rise. If you don't tell Dex, he'll never know of Evelyn's plan, and you'll get a 35% pay rise. Ultimately, both decisions result in little happening, but you will get more money for snitching on Evelyn's plan.

Should I side with Dex or Evelyn?

Cyberpunk 2077 Evelyn: If you cut out Dex

Evelyn offers a 50 percent cut, so you wouldn't need Dex, theoretically. Even if you're keen to side with Evelyn, you'll have to select "I'll think about it" for now. Calling her immediately after this conversation doesn't offer you the chance to accept her offer either.

Should I screw over Dex cyberpunk?

At this point it doesn't really matter - you can either say you'll consider it, or outright refuse and it won't make any difference either way to how things play out for now.

Should I ask Misty to the ofrenda?

You can either let her stay or convince her to go with you to the ofrenda. If you convince her, after the speeches are given, you can push Mama Welles to be nicer to Misty. Completing the quest will reward the player with Jackie's ARCH motorcycle.

Can you miss Jackie's funeral cyberpunk?

It turns out that, after Jackie's death, players can attend his funeral and visit his bedroom. You can mingle with his loved ones and learn more about the man that made you feel welcome in Night City. However, you will miss this chunk of story if you pick the wrong option in a preceding conversation.

What happens if I cut Dex out of the deal?

Cutting Dex out will apparently result in a 50 percent pay increase during the proposed heist. The problem is that Dex is (seemingly) your friend and he even promises to give you a higher cut if you opt to tell him about Evelyn.

Do I tell Dexter about Evelyn?

This choice does not matter.

If you really want to make the safest decision, side with Evelyn. You won't have to make your final decision until you meet with Dex at the Afterlife bar. Any discussion with him or Evelyn before this point does not lock you into a decision one way or the other.

Can you romance Judy cyberpunk?

To romance her, you'll need to have a feminine voice and body type. After that, Judy will be pulled back into your story as part of the Automatic Love main quest, which requires you to try and track down Evelyn Parker again. Call her whenever prompted, and you'll keep the option of romance alive.

Can you romance Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077?

Jackie and V – can you romance? No, you can't romance Jackie. You can, however, become good friends. Many of the conversations with Jackie also give you the chance to ask questions about him or his passion for motorcycles.

How many endings does cyberpunk have?

There are technically six endings in Cyberpunk 2077. At a glance, and with no spoilers, these are: One main ending path and one 'bonus' short ending which have no prior requirements. Two 'regular' ending paths with requires completing certain side-quests to access, with one of these ending paths having two outcomes.

Does V return cyberpunk?

Not only does that decision lead to Johnny Silverhand taking over your body during the final missions, but it opens the option for V to return to Night City as a living (though dying) legend who essentially takes over Rogue's place at Afterlife.

Can you get a Braindance in cyberpunk?

If you're looking for hidden details in Cyberpunk 2077, then using the Braindance machine is the best way to find them. Completing a Braindance will help you analyse a situation, hunt for clues and reveal information you might not have found otherwise.

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