item 2625 Children on Bridge

item 2626 Whisper

item 2627 Buffalo bridge

item 2628 Floating village

Born 1967 in Ben Tre province.
Graduated in 1993 at Fine Art University HCMC. Instructor of Musical Artist Department of Education training college. Member of the Fine Art Figure Association in Vietnam.
Teacher at "Ecole Normale" of HCMC

1991 Exhibition of Uniservity students. 1991 Taking part in Mekong Data III, 1992 Police Newspaper office.
1995 Nation-wide Fine Art Exhibition, Lam Son Art Gallery exhibition HCMC.
2000 Exhibition at house of Arts and culture HCMC

Lacquer paintings is a difficult mix between artistic sense and handcraft.
With a great deal of know how of traditional method Nguyen Dam Thuy has a perfect knowledge of every aspect of the material using multicoated painting.
This way to do gives the sensation of life depending on the angle you look at the painting you will discover several paintings within one.

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Many paintings are sold and dsiplayed for cultural purpose only

item 2629 Three buffalos

item 2630 Floating market

 Only Those 6 paintings available !


SOLD Lacquer item  2607 Universe

SOLD Lacquer item  2608 Wandering

SOLDLacquer item 2601

SOLD Lacquer item  2602The Keeper of the Stars

SOLD Lacquer item  2603 Shadow of Happiness

SOLD Lacquer item 2604

SOLD Lacquer item  2605 Still-life

SOLD Lacquer item  2606 Thinking of the Sea

SOLD Item 2609 Black Bird Song

SOLD Item 2610 Love Story Talkings

SOLD Item 2611 Remember

SOLD Item  2612 Balance

SOLD Item  2613 Moon & Child

SOLD Item  2614 Women & Black Color

SOLD Item  2615 Three Women Boat Destiny

SOLD Item  2616 Scarecrow & Child

SOLD Item  2617Thinking

SOLD Item  2618Child lost in Heaven

SOLD Item 2619 Love

SOLD Item  2620Country Song

SOLD Item  2621 Close to Heaven

SOLD Item  2622 Sound of Flute

SOLD Item  2623 Dream 1

SOLD Item  2624 Set of 4 items


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