Mother and Child

Young Musician

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Specialized in Portraits.
Born 1939 in Cholon.
Graduated in 1961 from the national superior scholol of fine arts (Saigon)
Exhibitions : 1959 New Delhi, 1963 & 1964 Sigon, 1974 Joining the Exhibition at the Vietnamese American Association.
1993 Saigon tourist Art Gallery, 94 Cog An TW & Bich Cau Art Gallery, 1995 Institut d'échanges culturels avec la France, 1996 Bich Cau, Nau, HCM Fine Arts Organization and Fine Arts Museum
1997 Former Teacher club HCMC and Fine Art Museum. 1998 Bich Cau Art Gallery. 1980-98 A lot of paintngs can be seen in the personal collections in many countries such as Japan, USA, France, Australia, Canada, England and Thailand.

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Happiness, Wealth and Longevity SOLD

Lotus Flower

 Item 0509 Quynh flower SOLD