Hoi An Street

Morning on the river

Morning of the village 1

Morning of the village 2

Graduate from Saigon College of Fine Arts in 1957.
Professional in water color and graphic art paintings.
The third prize of National Propaganda Paintings competition in 1976.
Many first and second prizes of HCMC propaganda paintings competitions.
Paintings in the personal collections in United State and France.

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Evening of the village

The way back to village 1 SOLD

The way back to the village 2

The way back to the village 3 SOLD

The way back to the village 4

Quietly 1

Quietly 2

Quietly 3

Quietly 4

Quietly 5

Quietly 6

Quietly 7

Quietly 8

Quietly 9

Quietly 10

Quietly 11

Quietly 12

Quietly 13

Quietly 14

A peaceful morning

Riveside Village


The old street

Riverside village 2

The way go to village 1

The way go to village 2

Riverside village 3


Sunset on river