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Born 1931. Graduated from the Fine Arts College (Session during the war 1954).
Member of the Vietnam Plastic Arts Workers' Association.
Many prizes awarded from national painting exhibitions.
Many works preserved and displayed in the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, the Eastern Nations Arts Museum in Moscow, Penza Fine Arts Museum, Asia - Pacific Museum.
Individual exhibitions organized in Vietnam, Russia, France.
Many works displayed in Int'l Fine Arts Expositions or maintained in private collections in Vietnam and worldwide.
"Mai Long is proficient in recognizing the beauty of a physionomy, the charm of an antiqui, a seashore - scape, a rice -field in rainy season... To the aesthetic eye, everything has its own beauty, a beauty that ice-cold hearts can sense never. His work is the combination of East long-standing tradition and contemporaneity of unique, perfect art, together with the brush of extreme lyricalness and liberality.
The beautiful of the world around us and the love of Mai Long towards this Universe. It is the artistic substance of the painter."

Ekaterina Chelavieva

I deem it was completely unmeaning if the painting describes merely the appearance of the objective existence - I try my best to discover the atent depth, making the spirit of objects move and brighten, creating the vivid impression for their beauty.

Mai Long

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