Born 1954. specialized in drawing pumice lacquer with the materails and subject of Vietnamise folk.
Member of vietnamese fine Art Association.
Exhibitions : Ntl Fine Art Exhibition 1980-85-90-95. Annual graphic drawing in Bulgaria 1985, Czechoslovakai 1987. Asea & Pacific exhibition Moscow 1989, Japan 1991, Hue 1992, HCMC 1993, Hanoi 1994.
Prize : Vietnamese Fine Art Exhibtion 1994, Silver Medal 1995, Hanoi 1996.
Private collection in Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, Poland, America, Indonesia, Thailand.

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SOLD Young Women on the lake

Traditional musicians

SOLD Two musicians for one dancer

SOLD The man who smokes sounds

The meal

Traditional dancers

SOLD Work in the fields

SOLD The love song

SOLD The bird

SOLD  Waiting

SOLD  Lotus flowers in the fields

SOLD  Earth, Sea & Stay

The village by the sea

Item 1414 Banana Market

item 1415 Preserve Spirit and Life

item 1416 Spring of life

item 1417 Beyond my Mind

item 1418 A touch of Remember

item 1419 Butterfly of Life

item 1420 Dreaming Horse

Item 1421 Still life 2

item 1422 Back to the Source

item 1423 Follow me to Heaven

item 1424 Spirit of Welfare

13  Lacquers' corner

item 1425 Still Life 3

item 1426 The offering gate