Born in Hanoi 1955. Tran Nguyen Hieu does not like to show off but to engulf his aesthetic sensibility in a genre or art whicih is still little known in Vietnam : etching. Far from it, this art form stems from the Western rationalism with Durer of Germany in the 16th century, Rembrandt of the Netherlands in the next and Lorain of France two centuries later.
In this workds, cold and desultory lines alone, like strands of hair, when knit together become a refine and velvety carpet woven into a poetic, profound and harmonious image.
The hands of the etching-artist are the meticulous hands of a jeweller in work which would stifle vibrant artistic feelings.
Nevertheless, the ancient streets of Hanoi and Hoi An and the age-old trees in the countryside of Tran Nguyen Hieu have brought us to an aesthetic ecstasy and to an everlasting dissolution.
It is also a personal contribution, thanks to his creative and persevering efforts, to the modern art of Vietnam.
A moving and elaborate contribution.
Taih Ba Van

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