item 1325 Banana Market 1

item 1326 Banana Market 2 SOLD

item 1327 Woman & Buffalo

item 1328 Boys and Buffalo

Born in Hanoi 1937.
Graduate of Hanoi Fine Arts school in 1960.
Graduate of Hanoi Fine Arts College in 1970.
Bronze medal of National Fine Arts Exhibition 1990.
Four times participating exhibition in Hanoi and HCMC.
His work are included in private collections in America, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Japan.

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Greediness SOLD

Sweet Love

Childhood SOLD

going to the Market SOLD

Melody SOLD

Love of Grandfather & Grandson 1 SOLD

Love of Grandfather & Grandson 2 SOLD

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Childhood SOLD

Being Sleepy SOLD

ITEM 1307 Melody of Love

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To share Joys and Sorrows SOLD

The market 1 SOLD

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Take a bath SOLD

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The market 3 SOLD

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item 1324 Pottery and Banana

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