Are pine trees worth money?

The value of pine trees in the forest or in a plantation can be appraised by a Consulting Forester. Pine timber generally sells for less than ten cents per board foot. So, a big pine tree might be worth $30. However, on a big well-managed plantation, that could add up to significant value on a per-acre basis.

How much money can you get from pine trees?

Case studies show existing pine stands can earn an average of about $100 to $150 per acre per year. "That doesn't mean you plant the trees and get $100 to $150 a year -- landowners must properly manage the timber, thinning a few times over the 35-year lifespan.

Do pine trees have any value?

The value of mature trees on property depends a great deal on the species, number and quality of trees, and pine is far from the most valuable kind of tree. If you need to remove a small number of pine trees from your property, your best bet may be to pay a tree removal service to do the work.

How much money can you get for a tree?

They have found that a single tree provides $73 worth of air conditioning, $75 worth of erosion control, $75 worth of wildlife shelter, and $50 worth of air pollution reduction. Compounding this total of $273 for fifty years at 5% interest results in a tree value of $57,151.

What trees are valuable to sell?

Trees like grade oak, black walnut, paulownia, black cherry, or any other high-value tree in your area are mandatory for a buyer to be interested enough to make an offer.

Valuing Trees - what is a tree worth?

What tree is worth the most money?

An African Black Ebony tree from Gabon could be worth a million dollars, if you can find one. Due to its high value many species of Black Ebony are now extinct or on the verge of extinction. The Paulownia may currently be the world's most valuable sustainably harvested hardwood tree.

How do I calculate the value of a tree?

The formula is: Tree Value = Base Value x Cross-sectional Area x Species Class x Condition Class x Location Class Base Value is the dollar amount assigned to 1 square inch of a tree's trunk cross-sectional area and is typically based on the cost of the largest available replacement plant of the same species.

How heavy is a large pine tree?

The average weight for pine is 5,232 pounds and hardwood 5,758 pounds.

What can you do with pine logs?

What Can I Do with Pine Logs?
  1. Swedish Candle from a Pine Log.
  2. Pine Dog Bowl.
  3. Outdoor Pine Stools.
  4. Pine Wood Clock.
  5. Pine Log Stair Railing.
  6. Pine Closet Hanger.
  7. Pine Bench.
  8. Pine Flooring.

How long does it take to grow a pine tree for lumber?

Often, pine trees will be between 12 and 15 years old when they reach this size. Thinning operations should first remove the weak, diseased, poorly formed and damaged trees followed by selecting additional trees until the optimum stand density is reached.

What is stumpage value?

Stumpage is the price a private firm pays for the right to harvest timber from a given land base. It is paid to the current owner of the land. Historically, the price was determined on a basis of the number of trees harvested, or "per stump".

How much are loblolly pines worth?

A Loblolly pine plantation earns about $1,000 per culled acre in year 11 from the sale of fence posts. Pine straw revenue averages $200 per acre in years, 7, 14 and 21. Harvesting mature wood in year 22 averages $3,000 an acre.

What is the most profitable tree to grow for lumber?

Good lumber trees include hardwood trees, such as oaks, hickories, pixamaples, birch and cherry, among others. These trees can be harvested when they are 14 to 20 inches in diameter, but letting them grow larger will make them worth more.

How often can you harvest pine trees?

When pulpwood markets are favorable, a complete stand harvest within 15 to 20 years is possible and may bring an acceptable return. However, longer rotations can bring higher financial returns on larger diameter trees if landowners are willing to begin thinning their pine stands when trees are 10 to 15 years old.

How much does a pine tree weigh?

The weight of a pine tree depends on factors such as age, species, size and circumference, volume, and density. On average, an adult pine tree 50 meters tall weighs around five thousand pounds. One commonly accepted metric is that per cubic foot of pine tree weighs about 30-50 pounds.

How tall is a 20 year old pine tree?

On a well drained, moist soil this species will outgrow any other evergreen that can be planted there, and a 20 year old tree can be 40 ft tall.

How much does a 50 ft pine tree weight?

There are several methods that can be used to calculate the weight of a tree, but to give you an example of how much trees can weigh, A 50-foot tall pine tree with a diameter of 12 inches (30cm) can weigh up to 0.9 tons or 1,800lbs (816kg).

How old are pine trees when harvested?

In the US South, pine trees are considered mature at 25-40 years old. Plantations are typically thinned when trees are 12-15 years old to promote the growth and improve the quality of the most desirable trees in a stand. Trees that remain are often thinned again when they reach 18-22 years of age.

Is timber a good investment?

Timber has been one of the most consistent investments over time, and a great hedge against inflation. According to value investor Jeremy Grantham, it's risen 3% more than inflation for more than 90 years. Timberland has also beaten the stock market over the long run, and with less volatility.

What is an oak tree worth?

A fourteen inch Red Oak with a grade 3 rating would be worth $12.00 for an average price per thousand board feet of $265.00. If the twenty inch tree in this example is Black Cherry the value would be $349.00, which is an average of $1,551.00 per thousand board feet.

How do you calculate the value of timber?

The more mature trees you have, the more likely it is that your timber is ready for harvest. To estimate the value of your timber, take the volume, divided by 1,000, and multiply it by the price quoted in your states standing timber stumpage report.

Are maple trees worth money?

Generally, we apply about 25 to 35 cents. As stated above, sugar or hard maple is more valuable selling for ten to eighty cents per board foot, depending on current markets and the quality.

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